We Are Better Together

Whether you are Team LeBron or Team Jordan on the greatest player in NBA history, virtually everyone agrees that both are at the top of that list. The GOAT (Greatest of All Time) debate has nothing to do with whether either player is exceptional at the game of basketball; that is universally understood. It is also no coincidence that both players wear the number 23.

Focusing on Industry Strength

Over the past several years, TaleMed has experienced exceptional accelerated growth and is considered a top-rated agency in the industry. And while we certainly are not giving ourselves the title of the GOAT, we are proud of the work that we have put in to get to where we are today.

True to our core value of innovation, TaleMed has never shied away from change. We know that to continue to grow, we cannot keep doing the same things we have always done. And in looking for ways to change the footprint on the industry, TaleMed has partnered with the team at Triage, another industry leader, in our continued pursuit to disrupt and strengthen the travel healthcare industry.

Why Triage? Our two companies share similar values and a similar passion for healthcare staffing, healthcare professionals, and the patients they serve. Ultimately, our companies combined will accomplish more than either company could alone as a company that is bigger, stronger and bolder.

Bigger Together

There is strength in numbers. By coming together as one company, TaleMed and Triage will open opportunities not previously available to either company alone. This partnership puts both TaleMed and Triage in a top tier with many vendor partners, offering travelers access to more positions and more opportunity.

Stronger Together

TaleMed and Triage are two halves that come together to make a better whole. Our people, our processes, and our methodology complement one another in ways that will allow us to serve travelers and clients more effectively.

Bolder Together

Individually, TaleMed and Triage have big, industry busting ideas. By coming together as one company, we can bring those ideas to life faster and more fully.

Stay tuned over the coming months for more information about the partnership between TaleMed and Triage. We are looking forward to a bright future together.


For more on the TaleMed & Triage partnership, check out our announcement.

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