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Trends of Healthcare Industry

List of the Trends of Healthcare Industry

In such a fast paced environment nurses, staffing agencies, and facilities alike must constantly work to stay ahead of the game. There is explosive growth in this particular field of healthcare and with that comes rapid change. At TaleMed we are consistently looking to the future to be sure our service to nurses and facilities goes above and beyond. With that in mind here are the latest Trends of Healthcare Industry…

1. West Coast to East Coast

Our industry has seen a noticeable increase in needs for travelers on the East coast. In the past the West coast has been the hotter of the two, however, in the last 6 months TaleMed has seen a large shift geographically. That being said we still have many needs across the board. If your’re to travel to the East coast, good news, you’re in luck!

2. Hot Specialties

Recently our industry has seen favorable numbers in three specific specialties: Cath Lab, Labor & Delivery, and OR. Essentially, there are many more needs for these three specialties than there are nurses. Facilities are in need of your skills and expertise. An assignment can be found for those positions in virtually every state.

3. Faster Start Dates

Recently facilities have been requesting faster and faster start dates for travelers. As in, they need a nurse yesterday. We have seen start dates decrease from an average of 1 month to now holding steady at 2-3 weeks. This can put a strain on not only you as a nurse but the compliance process as well. As a nurse to accommodate this trend, be sure to have all documents, licenses, etc. up to date. This will help expedite and simplify the compliance process.

Where To Go From Here…

In an ever changing industry, it is imperative to stay informed. As a travel nurse you have an unparalleled advantage in the field of nursing to stay ahead of the game. TaleMed is committed to providing the most informative resources to you as a traveler. Have questions? Contact one of our recruiters at 800.494.0087!

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