how to pack for your first travel assignment

How to Prepare for your First Travel Assignment as a Healthcare Professional

As a first-time travel healthcare professional, the prospect of moving to a new and unfamiliar place can sometimes seem a little overwhelming. With our handy list, you can make the transition easier and get the most out of your new adventure.

What Should I Pack?

  1. Clothing: You’ll be wearing your scrubs or work uniform while on the job, but what about when you’re not working? Experienced travel nurses recommend bringing a variety of versatile pieces, such as leggings, comfortable tops and jackets, to avoid overpacking.
  2. Home/Housing Necessities: Consider using things such as cloth bags and baskets to pack. Then you can repurpose them for organizational needs in your living space.
  3. Personal Items: Make sure you have essential personal documents, such as your Social Security card and driver’s license. Other useful personal items — other than basic toiletries — include face masks, a sleep mask and other favorites to help you relax and feel more at home.

Don’t Be Afraid to Explore Your New City!

  1. Go for a Test Drive: It never hurts to make sure you know where you’re going! Testing-out your route to work will not only put your mind at ease on your first day, but it will also give you a quick glimpse of what your new city has to offer.
  2. Visit Your Office or Hospital: Don’t hesitate to stop by and say hello to your new co-workers. This way you’ll know what to expect on your first day, while knowing a few friendly faces to help you figure things out.
  3. Be a Tourist: Although your job is your primary focus, don’t let that be your only focus. Take some time to explore your new city, and maybe even try something you’ve never done before. You can fuel professional and personal growth on this — and all your future assignments.

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