How Travel Nurses are Filling a Need in Rural Areas

Many are aware that hospitals in large, urban cities such as New York have had a constant need for nurses during the pandemic. These hospitals have attracted healthcare professionals because of high crisis pay rates.

But a recent story from National Public Radio shed light on an important fact — hospitals in rural areas have been experiencing a shortage of travel nurses for several years. Now under the constant threat of COVID-19, many of these smaller hospitals have come to a breaking point.

“We produce a lot of nurses in urban areas, and it was the rural areas that were hurting. Now it’s the urban areas, too,” said Alabama Board of Nursing spokesman Honor Ingels in an article for Northwest Florida Daily News.

In an effort to minimize the impact, hospitals are relying heavily on travel nurses. Since the beginning of the pandemic, state governments have been reducing licensing requirements, making it much easier for medical professionals to travel and work.

Right now is a golden opportunity for traveling nurses looking to find their first assignment — or even a change of scenery – with the added benefits of working in a small-town setting.

Benefits of Traveling to a Small Town

There are several benefits to working in a rural environment compared to a big city – lower crime rates, greater access to outdoors activities such as hiking or camping, a different (sometimes less stressful) quality of life, and a closer knit community.

There are benefits to working in a small-town hospital as well. Doctors in these rural areas typically have broader clinical responsibilities with less specialization. This allows traveling nurses the chance to be more involved and to see a wide variety of patient injuries and illnesses, gaining valuable knowledge.

The added experience looks great on a resume not just now, but for employers for years to come.

Work with an Established Industry Leader

TaleMed’s vast network of medical professionals extend throughout the country. Nurses are supported throughout their entire assignment. As a travel healthcare leader, we’re consistently rated as a Top Ten Travel Company by Highway Hypodermics and a Gold-Level Top Company by Travel Nursing Central. The Cincinnati Business Courier and Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) also rate us as one of the Best Companies to Work For.

When you travel with TaleMed, here are the benefits you can expect:

  • Transparent pay packages and assignment information
  • Guaranteed hours, meaning we pay you even if your shift is cut short
  • First-day health insurance benefits

The time is now!

Talk to a TaleMed team member about our opportunities in rural areas and small towns. If you haven’t traveled with TaleMed, you can take your first step today. Contact a TaleMed recruiter by calling 1-800-494-0087 or completing an application today.

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