Soft Skills That Make Nurses Successful

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As a travel nurse, you’ll get ahead with professional skills, job experience and certifications. These qualifications make you a highly trained nurse who knows what she’s doing. But certain “soft” skills are just as important to help cement you as an expert at your job—and put you ahead of others in your field.

Five key soft skills for travel nurses

If you have any—or all—of the following, kudos to you! But if you don’t, you can work on developing these important soft skills, which will benefit you in your nursing career:

  1. Good communication. As a travel nurse, you’ll move from assignment to assignment and need to switch gears quickly. You’ll need to learn all about a new facility, caseload, co-workers and a brand new city. By asking plenty of questions and speaking up about what you need, you’ll learn the ropes that much more quickly. Plus, you’ll need to cover all the nursing basics through your good communication—collaborating with other medical staff, and explaining treatments to patients and their families.
  2. Flexibility. Are you open to meeting new people, working varying shifts and “rolling with the punches”? As the perpetual new kid in town, your flexibility to learn, experience and communicate will help you succeed as a travel nurse.
  3. Compassion for your patients. A nurse who really cares and wants to help others will deliver the very best quality of patient care. Your compassion for others will show through in your work and allow you to reach new heights in your nursing career.
  4. The ability to talk to just about anyone. As you work with patients and meet new people, it won’t serve you to be a wallflower! The “gift of gab” is important to help you get settled in to your new surroundings every 13 weeks or so.
  5. Organization. You’ll be moving from city to city with important documents, not to mention electronics, valuables and other belongings. As you unpack and make a new city your temporary home, it will only benefit you to be organized.

Where will your travel nurse career take you next?

Whether historic Providence, sunny San Diego or the urban appeal of Brooklyn is in your sights, TaleMed can help you travel to these and many other locations! We work with travel nurses for placements across the country, which will help you learn and grow in your travel nurse career. To learn more, contact us today.

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