Selecting Professional Resources to Represent You

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Your travel nurse job references can make or break your job search. You may feel that once you’ve done well at your interview, you’re in the clear; however, this isn’t necessarily the case! The words of others who’ve worked with you can help cement a hiring manager’s decision. And it’s important to be selective and choose the right travel nurse references. You can get one step closer to your next travel nurse job in sunny San Diego, California, by following our helpful do’s and don’ts when choosing job references for travel nurses.

DO follow these reference selection tips

You may feel that job references are easy to choose, but you should spend some time carefully planning the best people to pick. Choose only references who:

  1. Have good things to say about you. This may sound like a no-brainer, but it’s important to choose travel nurse job references who think highly of you and genuinely want you to succeed. The best choices are those familiar with your work ethic, career passion and personality. You’ll need to trust that your references don’t harbor any secret resentments or grudges, and won’t sink your search efforts by painting you in a negative light to a hiring manager.
  2. Will take the task seriously. You really want to travel to San Diego for your next nursing position. Your references must understand this and be willing to take the role as job reference seriously—giving thoughtful, well-prepared answers.
  3. Are good communicators. The best job references are able to express their ideas clearly, and therefore have the natural ability to highlight what makes you best for the position. They should be able to make eloquent, positive commentary on your job performance.

DON’T choose these types of references

It’s just as important to know who NOT to choose. Try to avoid references who:

  1. Have not given permission to be your reference. There’s nothing worse than listing a reference who is then caught off guard when a hiring manager contacts them. You want to avoid the reference having to think long and hard about what to say, or worse, asking who you are.
  2. Are not familiar with your current work. If you haven’t spoken to or worked with the person for a while, they may not be a good choice as a job reference. Still, if you really believe the person will be in your corner, contact the potential reference and fill them in on what you’ve been up to.
  3. You don’t have current contact information for. Your potential employer can’t speak with your reference if they can’t be reached. It’s important to clarify with each reference what their current contact information is, and the method by which they prefer to be contacted.

Plan and prepare carefully

Your travel nurse job references can directly impact whether or not you get the job. After a hiring manager has asked you to provide a list of references, think carefully about who within your professional network would be a good choice. Then, coach your references on the San Diego travel nurse position you’ve applied to, what you’ve been up to lately in your career, and what you’d like them to say about you.

Looking for your next travel nurse position?

Whether you’re looking to travel to San Diego or another city, TaleMed is your number one partner in your travel nurse job search. You’ll work with a recruiter who will help you find the best new nursing placement for you. To learn more, visit our job search page or contact us today!

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