Wellness for Nurses: Your Fitness Routine

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As a travel nurse, you need to be well to make others well. It’s important that you stay fit and healthy to be able to deliver the very best patient care. You may feel too tired to exercise by the end of your shift—but did you know fitness actually helps increase your energy? It’s true! Sticking with an exercise routine will help you build lean muscle and ward off extra pounds—both of which will help your energy levels soar. So while trying to stay fit during your travel nurse assignment in Cincinnati follow our top five fitness tips. They’re easy—and who knows? You may even have some fun in the process!

Five fitness tips for travel nurses

While on assignment in Cincinnati, try any of the following to build your fitness routine:

  • Squeeze in activity. You’d be surprised how easy it can be to fit in short bursts of extra activity. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend 150 minutes per week of moderate intensity activity—that’s just 30 minutes, five days each week. And you can break up the time into shorter intervals. Try any of the following to help you meet your daily goal:
    • Take the stairs instead of the elevator
    • Park farther from the building
    • Walk around the grounds or corridors during your breaks
    • Lift hand weights while you watch TV at night
  • Get plenty of sleep. You can’t be at your best and stay active if you’re not well rested. The National Sleep Foundation recommends 7-9 hours per night, but you should decide for yourself how much you need to feel refreshed and healthy.
  • Join an active meet-up. During your days off, you may want to get active—but aren’t sure what to do. Meet-ups offer plenty of options to join up with others in the Cincinnati area for fun and fitness. If you feel shy, you can always ask a fellow nurse to join you.
  • Find a partner. Working out with someone else can help encourage you to stick to the commitment. Why not find a gym and buddy up with another travel nurse at your facility? You can take a class, use the pool, play racquetball or simply use the exercise equipment. Another great option is to get outside for a walk, run, hike or bike—and working out with another nurse is a good idea for safety.
  • Go online. Technology has come a long way in terms of free fitness options. If you don’t want to venture out, you can always work out in the comfort of your home using free online videos for just about any exercise routine you can think of!

Choose your schedule and stick to it

The great part about fitness is you can change it up as much as you want—so you’ll never get bored! The important part is to decide when you’ll fit in activity, and stick to it, no matter what you choose to do.

Looking for your next travel placement?

You can stay fit during your travel nurse assignment to Cincinnati or one of many other cities across the country when you work with TaleMed. Our experienced recruiters will help you find a placement that fits with your career goals and experience. To learn more, visit our job search page or contact us today!

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