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All You Need to Know About Travel Housing

What to Know About Travel Housing

TaleMed can help assist you with your travel housing while on assignment. In cases where TaleMed assists with housing, we strive to offer the most comfortable and attractive housing possible. The following are helpful tips regarding housing. If you have additional questions, contact the TaleMed housing coordinator or your recruiter.


When can I move in?

For your convenience, TaleMed can help to arrange for you to move into your apartment/ hotel 48 hours before starting your contract. (Housing provided by the contract facility may involve a different timetable for move-in).


What is the apartment / hotel like?

TaleMed can help assist its travelers with private, fully furnished, one bedroom/one bath apartments/hotel. In some cases depending on availability of housing you may have a choice of sharing an apartment with another traveler. We pride ourselves on having the best housing facilities in the industry.


Do I have to use TaleMed’s travel housing?

No, you have a choice to take a housing allowance. If you are traveling with others you may request “different accommodations” or you may receive a housing allowance. The subsidy is equal to the monthly rental fee of a one bedroom apartment in the area of your assignment. The housing allowance could be paid to you in your weekly paycheck.


When housing arrangements are provided by the facility, the accommodations can vary widely. Specific housing information will be provided to you by the facility or through your recruiter.


Should I report damages to travel housing?

Absolutely! When you arrive, please walk through the apartment/hotel with the apartment /hotel management and document any damages identified. Upon completion of your assignment perform another walk through. The purpose of the walk through is to protect you from damage liability. Please provide a copy of this documentation to the TaleMed housing coordinator.


Are there security deposits/cleaning fees?

TaleMed may require a housing deposit when taking the Assisted TaleMed housing. This will be deducted from payroll and may be reimbursed to you upon completion of your assignment with proper documentation from the housing facility. Please speak with your housing coordinator regarding this.


Do I have to pay utilities?

The cost of utilities will be included in your housing budget. This will include electric and gas (basic utilities). If you are residing in a hotel, all of these costs are included in your daily or monthly fee which is covered by your housing budget or housing allowance.


What is included in an apartment?

Window coverings and furniture can be included with the apartment. Apartments may include a refrigerator, microwave, garbage disposal, and dishwasher. Often, complexes will offer the monthly rent of a washer and dryer (about $50.00 a month). Standard beds are full or queen size. TaleMed may help provide the following items: kitchen essentials (dishes, silverware, pots & pans, can opener, and toaster), linens, towels, and toiletries. Entertainment items such as a TV can be provided.


Can I bring my pet?

We will assist you in trying to find pet friendly facilities. There are usually size and weight restrictions. A pet deposit is usually required and at times an additional monthly pet fee is charged. You will be responsible for payment of the pet deposit and any pet related fees. The pet deposit is usually refunded with a portion of the deposit retained for a cleaning fee. Additional documentation maybe requested per facility.


When do I need to vacate the apartment?

You will have 48 hours to vacate TaleMed housing following your last day of employment. If an extension has been approved by TaleMed, the sublease agreement will continue until the extension is complete.


Upon vacating the apartment, please remove all personal belongings, trash, and food. Apartment complexes are not like hotels. They will charge you for trash removal and refrigerator cleaning. You will also need to return all keys and passes to the apartment management. Failure to comply with apartment complex vacancy policies may result in forfeiture of some/all of final travel reimbursement and/or housing deposit.


Can I take time off during the assignment?

Yes, provided both TaleMed and the facility have granted approval. If you do take time off from your assignment, you may be charged for your furnished housing while you are not working. Please check with your recruiter for specific details concerning your schedule and hourly requirements.

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