Travel Nursing in Houston

Travel Destinations: Houston

Travel Nursing in Houston

Looking for your next travel nurse assignment? In this series from TaleMed, we’ll take a look at top U.S. travel destinations for nurses. From coast to coast, beaches to mountains, historic towns to busy cities—we’ll explore it all! Regardless of your preferred off-the-clock pastime, TaleMed will help you find a travel RN assignment you’ll love to visit. Our first stop? The bustling and booming hub of the South: Houston, Texas!

What to do in Houston

Houston is a large, culturally diverse city with plenty to do and see in your free time. As the fourth largest city in the United States, Houston boasts one of the richest events calendars you can find for miles around. Once their shifts end, Houston travel nurses have a wide variety of activities to choose from: arts and theater, shopping, dining, night life, sporting events and rodeos are just a few of the many things available to experience.

Arts and theater

When you’re looking for things to see in Houston, you might decide to visit a museum or take in a play. Lucky for you, Houston has a 17-block theater district, as well as resident companies in symphony, orchestra and ballet. In fact, Houston’s performance schedule rivals that of Broadway, with productions in the works year ‘round. You can also take in art or culture at a variety of museums, including the Contemporary Arts Museum, Museum of Fine Arts, Museum of Natural Science or even the civic art located throughout the city.


When in search of Houston hot spots, those looking to shop ‘til they drop can hardly avoid the Houston Galleria, a 2.4 million square foot shopping mecca that houses 400 stores and restaurants, two high-rise hotels, an ice rink and two swimming pools. If high-end couture is not your thing, that’s OK; you can also browse Houston’s fine selection of discount retailers, quaint boutiques and specialty stores.


So which are the best restaurants in Houston? The city’s diverse culture lends to its wide variety of restaurants—from cheap eats to fine dining. Trip Advisor lists the following as cultural cuisine available in Houston: Mexican, Italian, Indian, Japanese, Vietnamese, Brazilian, South African, Ethiopian, Middle Eastern, Thai, Cajun, French and much more! But don’t forget about good old downhome barbecue—of which there are ample dining locations from which to choose.

Night life

What happens when you want to get a drink with another Houston travel RN or see live music? The top music venues in the city include everything from top 40 concert halls to small guitar bars—and everything in between. Sure, Texas is home to country music, but you can attend classical performances, alternative rock shows, funk, electric, acoustic; you name it! And when you get thirsty, Houston nightlife offers a slice of anything you’re looking for, including cocktail lounges, wine bars and classic saloons.


What sport are you into? Houston’s teams include the Houston Rockets, Houston Astros, Houston Dynamo and Houston Texans, plus college football teams galore. And what about an old-fashioned rodeo? You can take in a sporting event at The Toyota Center, Minute Maid Park or NRG Stadium. If you’re a sports fan, Houston is the city for you.

Are you ready for Houston, Texas?

Because Houston is ready for you! When looking for travel nurse assignments, consider heading south for a 13-week adventure in the Lone Star State.

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