Kelli Crowder takes many adventures as a TaleMed travel nurse.

Take the Adventures of a Lifetime with TaleMed

Kelli was enjoying her nursing career in Fort Lauderdale, but a colleague’s encouragement and one phone call changed her life.

Working for seven years in a neurotrauma intensive care unit, Kelli loved her position – and traveling as much as possible. When hospital management wanted to promote her, a friend suggested another option for her future: Call TaleMed.

The result? She talked to TaleMed team lead and recruiter Ryan Rosinski for 45 minutes about her dreams of working in Hawaii and Alaska.

“I don’t know how he does it, but Ryan gets me where I want to go,” says Kelli. “I got to go to Hawaii on my first assignment.”

Next up on her wish list was Alaska, and she explored the Anchorage area for her first assignment in “The Last Frontier.” For her next Alaska assignment, she took a leap of faith and trusted Ryan’s advice. He recommended Sitka as her next adventure.

“I was like ‘Are you kidding me?’ I didn’t even know where it was, and I didn’t want to go,” says Kelli. “It turned out to be my favorite assignment!”

The nurse-recruiter communication is key to finding the right assignments at the right time.

“Kelli is a one-of-a-kind nurse who takes full advantage of traveling. I have worked with her in Florida, California, Alaska, Colorado and Hawaii,” says Ryan. “Kelli has seen more of the world in this past year than I will in my entire lifetime! Kelli not only leaves a lasting impact at the hospitals but immerses herself in the cities she visits.”

Adventures in Sitka, Alaska

In Sitka, she made lifelong friends and experienced many adventures such as:

  • Fishing
  • Hiking
  • Camping
  • Kayaking
  • Going dog sledding with true Iditarod dogs
  • Flying on a seaplane to land on a Denali glacier
  • Seeing pods of humpback and orca whales

Go on travel adventures with TaleMedThere was one adventure which Kelli describes as her perfect day – a group of her friends took a boat and then a dinghy to begin an eight-hour hike up a volcano. The last two miles were a straight incline, topping off a 15-mile journey with a 3,000-foot gain in elevation. On the boat heading back, they saw a pod of humpback whales diving in and out of the water.

To healthcare professionals who want to travel,  her advice is “Just do it. Don’t stress about it. Just do it!”

“If it wasn’t for TaleMed, I would never have had these experiences,” says Kelli. “I was happy with my life to begin with, but these have been the best 2-1/2 years of my life.”

Start your next adventure!

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