This Nurse Knows How to Get the Most Out of Her Travel Assignments

Katy C. was ready to set out and explore the country, and what she found was her “tramily” along the way.

She started her adventures as a rapid response TaleMed travel nurse four years ago, after graduating nursing school with a bachelor’s degree. Since beginning her travel career, Katy has traveled to a variety of places, including Tampa, Florida, Visalia, California, and Riverside, California.

Coming from a small town in Pennsylvania, Katy was excited to explore the world. “What initially drew me to travel nursing was the adventure aspect. You get to go someplace new every 13 weeks or can stay longer if you like it and are needed. I’m from a small town and I always wanted to get out and see what the world had to offer.”

While on assignment, Katy prides herself on making the most out of her experience. As an avid hiker, Katy belongs to an online travel nurse group for hikers. This group allows for nurses on assignment in various cities across the country to connect, meeting up to explore together. They have coined themselves a “tramily,” short for trail family.

When not working or hiking, Katy and her husband love to be active. There are no outdoor activities that the adventurous duo aren’t willing to try. They love to kayak, hang out on the beach, snowboard and travel to different states to see friends and music. According to Katy, “My days off are really never ‘off,’ and I’m perfectly fine with that! There is just so much to see and experience, and I do my best to take full advantage of that.”

For nurses who are on the fence about making the jump into travelling, Katy suggests to just “do it!” She says, “It’s a little scary at first, because you’re not sure what it’s all about. Find a company and recruiter that listen to what your needs and wants are. I am so lucky and grateful for my recruiter Lana and TaleMed. Don’t be afraid to ask questions to your recruiter or even other nurses who have gotten the opportunity to travel. You don’t need to travel far if you don’t want to. There are contracts all over the country!”

Katy shows what an amazing adventure becoming a travel nurse can be. With TaleMed, we can help you do what you love while nurturing your adventurous spirit outside of the hospital, in nearly any place you can imagine.

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