Emily T.

The Nurse Who Knows How to Travel Big While Living Tiny

Emily T. may just be one of the most interesting nurses at TaleMed. Emily grew up in East Tennessee and got her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at East Tennessee State University. After college, she decided it was time to see the world.

Now she’s been to 12 countries and has more than 4,000 followers on her Instagram page @ems_traveldiary. Keep reading to learn why Emily became a travel nurse, her best travel tips and how she turned a simple RV into a trendy, tiny home.

Why Travel Nursing?

Emily decided to become a travel nurse because she wanted to go beyond Tennessee. Being a travel nurse is the perfect way for her to mix work and her passion of travel. She can see new places and meet new people all while working and making money. Her time on assignment as a travel nurse is what inspired her to travel even more during her time off.

“One of the best things about being a travel nurse is the flexible schedule,” said Emily. “It’s a big part of why I am able to travel as often as I do.”

Why TaleMed?

Emily was referred to TaleMed by a friend and loves the company. She has a great relationship with her recruiter, Austin Kottenbrock, who only has good things to say about Emily as a nurse.

“She is an absolutely awesome nurse and a very friendly person,” said Austin.

Emily plans to continue with TaleMed on future assignments. She loves the benefits such as special reimbursements and gifts on her birthday and holidays.

“TaleMed make their nurses feel appreciated, which makes you want to sign with them again,” said Emily.

RV Living

Not only is Emily a world traveler, but she is also part of the tiny living community. While on assignment, Emily lives in an RV that she renovated. The RV has two bedrooms, one being the master bedroom that has a queen- size bed, a kitchen and dining space, and one bathroom. Although space is limited, Emily feels it’s plenty for her.

“Living in the RV is a great alternative to motels and Airbnbs. It’s cheaper, and I have a space of my own. I love being able to sleep in my own bed a night,” said Emily.

For some, living in a RV may seem like a challenge, but Emily is always up for a challenge. “Honestly, the hardest part is just finding somewhere to park it.”

To make the RV look the way it does, Emily did a lot of DIY (do-it-yourself) projects.

“I used YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram. There are all sorts of Tiny Living communities on social media. I also had a lot of help from friends and family.”

Do you want to live tiny but are scared to make the change? “Just do it. You learn a lot about yourself. I am a lot more independent now than I ever was before,” said Emily

RV Before

RV After

What You Should Know About Traveling

It’s a myth that traveling costs an arm and a leg, according to Emily. She says that you just have to make sacrifices, use your resources, do your research and invite friends to go with you. The more people you have, the cheaper it will be.

If you don’t travel while you have the chance, you’re going to regret it later, Emily believes. “You only live once, so have fun while you’re livin’ ” says Emily.

What’s next for Emily?

After Emily’s current assignment in Lynchburg, Virginia, ends, she is taking a three-week trip to Amsterdam, Germany and Switzerland with five other nurses. When she gets back, she is re-signing in Lynchburg and continuing her RV adventures.

Want to learn more about Emily T? Check out her Instagam here!

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Emily’s Favorites:

Favorite country: Thailand or Morocco

Favorite food while traveling: Pasta and pizza in Italy

Favorite destination with TaleMed: Lynchburg, Virginia — “It’s a cute little college town with a young atmosphere and it’s close to home.”

avorite packing tip: Use packing cubes to stay organized

Favorite must-have travel item: A good clutch with a lot of organization for passport, money, camera — all the essentials

Favorite travel resource: www.tripmaster.com “It basically plans your trip for you and it makes traveling super affordable”

Favorite life lesson: “Don’t be afraid to be who you are. You’re going to go places and people might want to change who you are. Don’t let them. Just be yourself and talk to people. Put yourself out there and don’t overthink things too much.”




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