The Art of the Interview

The Interview:

It makes or breaks you, right? You are in a new place, with people you have never met, explaining why YOU are above and beyond all the rest. So what do you do?

The Must Do’s

  • First impressions are everything – Most experts agree that an individual has 7 seconds to make a first impression (make it count!)
  • The Eyes Have It – Good posture and strong eye contact are key factors
  • Shake It Off – (not the T-Swift song sorry) A firm handshake can reaffirm your status in an interviewers mind. Offering a limp or fingers only handshake can undo the good impression you have worked to solidify.

Perfecting the Art

  1. Be Prepared – You never know when a call might come. So carry necessary files/cheat sheets with you just in case.
  2. Strengths – Employers often ask “What are some of your strengths and how can they help you here?” This is a double-edged sword as the follow up questions is almost always, “Now tell me about a weakness you may have and how you are working to overcome that?”  –  So be sure to think about both scenarios.
  3. Discuss Specifics – Definitely talk time off, shift, float policy, ratios, etc. These aspects are important to know upfront to determine the best fit possible for you and the facility
  4. Ask for the Offer – Don’t hesitate to make it apparent you would like an offer. Ask for a time-frame of when you can expect to hear back and make it clear you expect to.

An interview isn’t something most of us look forward to. But everyone has to do it – except royalty, they’re kind of born into it. Don’t be intimidated though; the reason you got the interview to begin with is because they need you.

Best of luck in your next interview! Your friends at TaleMed are rooting for you.