How being a telemetry nurse can boost your career

How Becoming a Telemetry Nurse Can Help Your Career

Telemetry nurses live a fast-paced life. Experience in this specialty can boost a young nurse’s career. For a nurse specializing in another unit, it can provide a different experience and a new way of seeing nursing.

What Can Telemetry Nursing Offer You?

  1. Cardiac Patient Interaction

Telemetry nurses work in a challenging environment, but it’s an opportunity that offers huge rewards in terms of patient impact. Telemetry nurses provide one-on-one patient interaction. They typically care for four patients at a time. In this unit, patients are normally discharged within 24 to 48 hours.

Patients are admitted to this unit because of cardiovascular complications and the possible need for cardiac intervention. In addition to monitoring the patient’s vital signs, heart rhythm, a telemetry nurse will care for other needs as well. TaleMed’s Clinical Director Susan Abbott says that having different patients with a multitude of needs allows telemetry nurses to gain experience quickly.

“Tele patients have a cardiac diagnosis, but they have a lot of other diagnoses as well,” Abbott says. “Just like an ICU nurse, you have to be skilled in other specialties. If a nurse is right out of nursing school and wants to gain valuable experience quickly, the telemetry unit could be a good fit.”

  1. Emergency Response Preparation

Many nurses with an interest in the ER and ICU departments begin their careers in telemetry. By working in the telemetry unit, nurses gain valuable experience making quick, sound decisions. The telemetry unit allows these nurses to gain experience – experience that cannot always be taught or trained.

In addition, nurses gain time management and prioritization skills that can be used in the ER and ICU units. Overall, having a background in telemetry is very valuable if nurses eventually decides to transfer. But, some fall in love with telemetry and stay with it.

On the flip side, an experienced ER or ICU nurse may consider a travel assignment in a telemetry unit. This allows the nurse to keep his or her skills sharp outside of the emergency room environment.

  1. Collaborative Support Staff

The job of a telemetry nurse is challenging, but you are in a team environment. Support staff is readily available. Unlike many other units, you receive assistance from rehabilitation nurses and CNAs.

“If it’s a good telemetry unit, there is great teamwork,” Abbott says. “It’s not like other floors where you are doing a lot of that yourself. It is a highly supportive unit.”

Get Hired Today

If telemetry sounds like a good fit, there are positions for telemetry nurses all over the country. TaleMed can find you the perfect place.

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