TaleMed Internship Experience Q&A: Mallory

Learning about Mallory’s Internship Experience with TaleMed

About Mallory:

Mallory has been an intern at TaleMed for 4 months while on summer break from the University of Cincinnati. She is a 4th year senior at UC majoring in Communication with a minor in Entrepreneurship. TaleMed has a presence each semester at the UC Fall and Spring Career Fairs; Mallory met a TaleMed representative while at the Career Fair and immediately stuck out to us. She was brought on at TaleMed in May of 2017 and is nearing the completion of her time with us at the end of August; after which she will return to the University of Cincinnati for her final year. Learn more about her internship experience below:

Internship Experience – Q & A

Question: What was your first impression of TaleMed on day one?

Answer: The first day I felt very welcomed, my team welcomed me with open arms. Something that really stuck out to me was the fact that my team came up to me specifically with excitement in their voice and acted as if they had already knew me for years.

Question: Training in any company may not be the most enjoyable aspect of a new position. The onboarding process can be dull and overextended. What set TaleMed apart from other experiences you have had, if anything?

Answer:  For me training was much different than what I had thought it would be. Those facilitating the training process, which lasted about a week, were able to make it an experience that educated us on the mission of TaleMed and travel nursing and also fostered an environment of bonding between the new interns and full-time employees. On day 1 no one spoke to each other and we were all trying to gain our footing, but day 2 came and everyone was asking each other about weekend plans and we were all really invested in each other. They made a real effort to foster an environment of family and community.

Question: What was/is your perception of the leadership structure at TaleMed, including the Executive Team?

Answer: I felt that the best way to explain it is a hierarchy of respect, not so much of roles and positions. We have a lot of respect for the executive team but it doesn’t ever feel like I can’t approach the President, Ken or other members of leadership. If I were to see them in the hallway or around the office it is perfectly acceptable to engage and say hello, ask how they’re doing, or talk about business – and that is something that really had a positive effect on me.

Question: Give us some insight on your experience at TaleMed from start to finish. What was your perception of the work you would be doing compared to what you actually ended up doing?

Answer: Based on my initial interview I got the impression that I would be on the phone the entire day, making cold calls, and doing computer work – I wasn’t excited for the work necessarily. But, on my first day, throughout that first week, and throughout my entire internship experience I was shocked to see the difference I could make as a Recruiter in other people’s lives. I was actually making an impact and forming connections with the nurses that work with TaleMed and that changed my perspective immediately.

Question: As a young woman entering the workforce, can you speak to the male/female ratio and relationship in this company and how that affected your work life?

Answer: Absolutely, when I was hired a lot of new women came into the company as well which was refreshing to see. In terms of the working relationship with the men and women in TaleMed I thought it was very healthy. On a team of four guys, I never felt intimidated by them and never felt I didn’t have the same potential as the males. I couldn’t imagine being placed on a better team for my internship experience – truly I was so blessed to have four great guys that took me under their wing and really pushed me to be that best that I could be. Towards the end of my internship they really challenged me to go above and beyond and I am grateful for that.

Question: How has seeing the travel nurse/nursing industry changed or altered your perspective of the profession?

Answer: I think it is really a cool opportunity to work in the healthcare industry. I actually started college in a medical major but quickly realized I was not one that could deal with blood. It has been great to come this close to the healthcare industry but instead of working on the medical side I am on the business side, I’ve enjoyed that. My perspective of nurses has changed, I’ve noticed that it is a case-by-case industry that is dealing with people’s (nurses) lives. That is something a Recruiter like myself has to recognize and really work to build and foster that relationship with a nurse.

Question: What are you going to miss most about TaleMed?

Answer: I will miss the welcomes I get every morning. Today I walked into the office and five people asked me how my weekend was and you could just tell they were very genuine and intentional about asking. It shows they care – people here have an immense amount of care for one another. No one lets the workload overtake the fact that we are all human and each have our limits.

From all of us at TaleMed, thank you Mallory! You have grown into an invaluable member of our team. We wish you all the best in your final year at the University of Cincinnati and much success in the future!

                                                                        – The TaleMed Team

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