TaleMed announces our spring DAISY Award Finalists!

TaleMed Announces Our Spring DAISY Award Finalists & Winners

Our TaleMed nurses are the best of the best! They live out our RICHER core values of Respect, Innovation, Consistency, Humility, Excellence and Resilience at healthcare facilities across the country. We partner with the Daisy Foundation to acknowledge our TaleMed travelers with these prestigious awards twice a year because we know how hard they work.

We often talk about how nurses take care of us. More than ever, we need to take care of them. Please join us in recognizing these TaleMed nurses who are providing outstanding patient care. We honor them and all nurses today, and every day.

For our spring awards, we’re proud to announce our DAISY Award finalists and winners. Learn more about the great work of Chanel H., Kristin H., Danielle L., Erin M., Nancy P. and Marie P. by reading their RICHER stories below.

Our DAISY Award Finalists & Winners!

Chanel H.

ICU nurse Chanel H. is a Daisy Award Finalist because of her extra touch of grace while caring for patients. Although the ICU is her specialty, she can also float between the Neuro ICU, MICU and SICU, and she is comfortable working in each unit.

TaleMed recruiter Austin Kottenbrock nominated Chanel for helping her patient going through drug withdrawal. The patient wouldn’t stay in bed, but Chanel worked through the challenges and resisted having him intubated, even when coworkers and a pulmonologist advised it as a possible solution.

“It was a long shift and she had him for three days, but Chanel didn’t want to make him suffer with an endotracheal tube down his throat just because he was wild in the bed,” Austin said.

Kristin H.

Kristin H., a labor/delivery nurse, is a Daisy Award Finalist because of her great character and professionalism. She brings strong communication, relational skills and a consistent work ethic not just to the delivery room, but also to antepartum and postpartum care.

On her assignments, she goes out of her way to develop strong relationships with new people. On a recent assignment, she took it upon herself to connect with a new TaleMed travel nurse who she met at orientation and asked her out for dinner.

“Kristin adds value to those around her and those within TaleMed. She demonstrates consistency and is innovative when encountering issues and challenges,” her TaleMed recruiter Ben Rascona said.

Danielle L.

Danielle L. is a Daisy Award Finalist for exemplifying what it means to handle adversity under pressure. She did an amazing job taking care of multiple challenging situations at a recent assignment as she worked with families experiencing tragedy. Danielle even found a patient who was crawling in the air ducts trying to escape the unit and returned the person to their room. “She took on a tough assignment and did it with a positive attitude,” says her TaleMed recruiter Robby Williams.

Danielle stays cool in any number of situations. She works in progressive care, med/surg, cardiac telemetry, cardiac stepdown and other units. “Danielle handles adversity as good as anyone I have ever worked with,” says Robby. “She evaluates situations and acts quickly with a smile on her face.”

Nancy P.

Med-Surg nurse Nancy P., who also specializes in telemetry, is a Daisy Award Finalist known for going above and beyond with her patients. She’s traveled with TaleMed for almost two years and built a reputation for being a hard-working, determined nurse. On assignments, she understands the unique cultures of hospitals and knows how to adapt to different situations and focus on patient care. “She’s just kind to people,” said her TaleMed Recruiter Travis Weisman. “She’s willing to help out whether it fits her specialty or not.”

During one TaleMed travel assignment, she cared for a Spanish-speaking patient who had lost his appetite and hadn’t eaten well for multiple shifts in a row. Fellow healthcare professional Ashley nominated her and said, “Nancy brought the patient and his family Spanish food and learned several phrases in Spanish in order to develop a stronger rapport with the patient and his daughter-in-law.”

Winner: Erin M.

Med-Surg nurse Erin M. is a Daisy Award Finalist who is appreciated for always having a positive attitude. All her managers and coworkers comment on what a joy it is to work with her. She’s worked for TaleMed since November 2018 and extended assignments at multiple prestigious, academic facilities.

TaleMed Recruiter Austin Kottenbrock nominated her for the Daisy Award for her outstanding work with a patient who had a very complicated surgery and hospital recovery. The patient spent nearly a month in the hospital and felt down over her situation. With the holidays approaching, she just wanted to be home for Christmas. Erin bought some decorations to cheer the patient up, and over several weeks they built a close relationship.

“By the end of their time together, the patient thanked Erin for taking the time to listen and care for her in a compassionate way. She told Erin how her care and attention had made such a difference in her life,” according to Austin.

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Winner: Marie P.

Marie P. is a Daisy Award Finalist because of her excellent attention to detail with patients. She typically works in the ICU but can float between the MICU and SICU, as well. She brings a meticulous eye wherever she goes.

That thoroughness especially benefited a patient who experienced a stroke recently. The patient showed no neurodeficits from the initial stroke, but Marie noticed that she wasn’t answering questions during physical therapy. Marie investigated further and found new neuro changes that weren’t present before. TaleMed Recruiter Austin Kottenbrock nominated Marie and said, “Marie’s quick alertness, assessment, notifications and immediate intervention minimized damage. The results showed the patient had developed a worsening clot, which caused another stroke. The neuro team recognized Marie for saving the patient.”

We congratulate all our DAISY Award finalists! We appreciate all your hard work and dedication as you make your mark in our communities. Stay tuned for our upcoming DAISY Award winner announcements!

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Learn more about the prestigious DAISY Awards by visiting The DAISY Foundation website.

Do you know a TaleMed nurse who is deserving of recognition? We’ll honor more nurses this fall, but our nomination form is always up, and it’s never too early to tell us the story of an amazing nurse. We invite you to nominate a TaleMed nurse for a fall DAISY Award by completing our short online nomination form.

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