News: TaleMed and FIGS announce partnership to outfit healthcare professionals

TaleMed becomes first travel healthcare staffing partner for FIGS

CINCINNATI, Ohio, Feb. 11, 2020 ― TaleMed announced today its partnership with FIGS to supply its travel nurses and allied health professionals with high quality medical apparel.

“What better way to say thank you and welcome to the TaleMed team than to provide each of our travelers with their very own TaleMed FIGS,” said Elizabeth Tracy, CEO of TaleMed. “When you love the clothes you go to work in, you’re more confident and happier. This isn’t just the gift of scrubs; it’s the gift of a great day at work.”

In travel healthcare, nurses and allied professionals travel away from their homes to serve at hospitals that are experiencing a shortage for their particular profession. Most travel professionals will take several assignments in a given year.

“They start fresh every few months and get to know a new hospital and a new set of co-workers. It can be intimidating, but that’s why we work so hard to support them,” Tracy said. “Where they go to work changes, but they’re always a TaleMed traveler, and we support them in their adventures and careers.”

“We want the best for our team, and they love FIGS because they’re the best,” Tracy said. “Whether they’re on their first travel assignment or their 50th, they’re a part of our family and we want them to be comfortable and secure.”

FIGS is transforming the medical apparel industry. The scrubs of the past were known for their boxy and uncomfortable fit and scratchy fabrics. By contrast, FIGS utilizes antimicrobial, wrinkle-resistant and stain-repellent Technical Comfort™ fabrics paired with comfortable yoga waistbands. They’re designed for function as well as comfort and style.

Jenny Seyfried, VP of Brand for FIGS, said it is exciting to outfit travel nurses and allied health professionals through the partnership with TaleMed.

“Empowering nurses, therapists and technicians is what FIGS is all about and we’re thrilled for the opportunity to do this at hospitals all over the world with TaleMed,” Seyfried said.

FIGS works with several hospitals and health systems to offer medical apparel to their teams, but this is the first travel healthcare company the organization has partnered with. TaleMed will manage the logistics of ordering and fulfilling the FIGS for its nurses ― delivering them to healthcare professionals nationwide when they work with TaleMed. In addition, TaleMed employees will have a special offer to purchase FIGS directly at a discount.

“What you wear affects how you feel and how you perform,” Seyfried said. “We can’t wait for TaleMed’s team to experience workwear that is designed with intention, performance and comfort in mind so that they’re able to perform at their best every single day.”

The two companies also found alignment in their philosophies for giving back to the healthcare community and making a positive impact on the world. Through its Threads for Threads initiative, FIGS donates medical apparel to professionals in need around the world. TaleMed utilizes its community engagement platform, Impacting Tomorrow, to support a variety of community, local, faith-based and global causes.

In March, TaleMed staffers and nurses will take a package of Threads for Threads donations with them on a medical mission trip to the Amazon River basin in collaboration with the Central Brazil Mission.

“For us, partnering with FIGS made sense on all levels,” Tracy said. “They are passionate about healthcare professionals and recognizing them for the amazing people and heroes that they are. And they are committed to making a positive impact on the world around them. That’s at the core of our business.”

Nurses and allied health professionals who are interested in travel healthcare can contact TaleMed to learn about the exciting career opportunities available across the country.

About FIGS

FIGS is transforming the healthcare experience by creating the highest quality medical apparel with a focus on function, comfort and design. FIGS proprietary fabric, made with Technical Comfort™ is anti-wrinkle, moisture-wicking, antimicrobial for anti-odor and features four-way stretch technology. FIGS has transformed the healthcare industry by branding an unbranded industry, decommoditizing a commodity product and building a community around the medical profession.

About TaleMed

TaleMed’s purpose is to positively impact the lives of healthcare professionals, hospital staff and everyone in their care. Healthcare professionals consistently rate TaleMed as one of the top travel healthcare companies. The company provides contingent staffing solutions to healthcare systems and hospitals nationwide. TaleMed is dedicated to partnering with nurses and allied health professionals to help them achieve their personal and career goals and supporting them throughout their temporary travel assignments. For more information, visit or call (800) 494-0087. #MakeYourMark