Steve Williams: Company Growth is a Team Sport

Steve Williams was one of TaleMed’s first seven employees. A lot has changed since he started as a staffing coordinator in 2011.

After graduating with a business management degree from Mount Vernon Nazarene University, Steve met with TaleMed President Ken Tracy, who had been a long-time family friend. Ken saw potential in Steve and felt he could play a very active role in TaleMed’s growth.

“I had to decide if I was right for placing travel healthcare professionals with hospitals,” says Steve. “I didn’t have a medical background. But Ken brought me in, encouraged me, and I watched him talk to nurses for hours. I decided ― maybe I can do this.”

Initially, Steve was building a great rapport with nurses, but finding them jobs was more difficult. “I couldn’t get anyone hired,” he says. “I was frustrated and ready to throw my computer out the window. But one day I got three nurses hired, and everything clicked.”

His hard work was beginning to pay off. Steve was determined, “I’m not going to lose.”

In It to Win It

Steve believes his experience in baseball shaped his attitude toward business. A former college baseball player, he brings competitiveness, a team-first attitude and a desire for constant self-improvement.

“Sports prepare you for life,” he explains. “You have to work hard and bring it every day. Each day we get a little bit better, and the next day a little bit better. You constantly have to build on your training. You figure out what works, and that becomes part of your game plan. Then, you also figure out what isn’t working and make adjustments accordingly.”

Steve Williams’ Successes Along the Way

As Steve got more experience under his belt, he earned promotions within the company. After substantial internal growth, Steve became the Senior Director of Staffing Operations in 2016. He helped establish recruiting and sales team structures, including recruiting team leads, and updated workflows to accommodate an ever-increasing internal workforce. In 2019, after over quadrupling in size, the recruiting department saw further expansion as Steve promoted two recruiting managers to help share the leadership responsibilities. He also contributed to developing an Allied Health department in 2019.

This internal expansion also included a new appointment for Steve as Vice President of Recruiting and Sales. His goal in his new role as VP is to keep building the momentum that TaleMed has experienced in the last five years. In the next 5 to 10 years, he envisions TaleMed further extending the recruitment efforts to new specialties, expanding the sales department and developing new clients.

“We really want to expand to be a full-service provider to hospitals,” says Steve. “This means staffing RN managers, Nurse anesthetist and Physician assistants.”

He encourages a competitive environment at TaleMed to drive that growth. “At TaleMed, we’ve always stayed consistent in our approach, and my goal in my new role is to never stop in that pursuit of growth,” he said. “But, most importantly, we do things the TaleMed way ― building authentic relationships with our healthcare professionals and clients, being ethical and always sticking to our core values. Respect, integrity, consistency, humility, excellence and resilience are at the heart of absolutely everything that we do.”

The Importance of Family

TaleMed’s core values are the foundation of the company’s family atmosphere. When Steve thinks about how far he’s come with the company these last nine years, he remembers the lifelong friendships he’s made.

“TaleMed is so much more than just a company,” Steve says. “I have a picture hanging in my house from the night of my wedding. It’s of my TaleMed family. Words cannot express what that picture means to me. We take care of one another, help when someone is going through a rough patch in life, and we succeed as one unit.”

Like in baseball, it’s all about the team effort. The players bring their best effort every time they step to the plate, and the coaches share their experience and wisdom to help the players grow. Steve takes pride watching the recruiters he’s trained blossom in their roles ― seeing some of them who have gone on to be team leads and managers. He never forgets his own coaches, both in sports and in business.

“I encourage everyone to find a mentor here at TaleMed, like I have with Ken,” he says. “He makes it clear that people here want you to succeed. He says ― continue to do things the TaleMed way, and we will continue to grow.”


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