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Tips for Making a Smooth Transition to a New Assignment

When it comes to travel nursing, adaptability goes with the territory. Whether you’re moving to a new state, new hospital, or a just an unfamiliar unit within the same facility, the transition can feel overwhelming and stressful at times. But as the saying goes, growth doesn’t happen in your comfort zone. Exciting experiences and opportunities await travel nurses with each new assignment and there are things you can do to help make the transition smooth and even enjoyable.

Here are five tips for making a smooth transition to a new assignment:

1. Take the housing allowance

Taking the housing allowance (verses opting to live in housing provided by your travel nursing company) gives a nurse much more flexibility in finding the accommodations he/she truly wants (i.e. location, size, pet acceptable, etc.) In addition, if a nurse ends up finding housing that costs less than the monthly allowance provided, TaleMed lets nurses pocket the difference!

2. Consider booking your next assignment with a nurse travel friend

The only thing more fun than exploring new places is doing so in the company of a friend. In fact, TaleMed has many nurses who choose to travel with a friend. Our recruiters have often been able to find them assignments, not only in the same city but the same hospital as well.

3. Be flexible and have a positive attitude

You will more than likely be floated at some point during your assignment. While the thought of floating can strike feelings of fear and apprehension in some nurses, try and look at it as valuable opportunities for skill development and diverse experiences. Having a positive attitude about it all can make a world of difference. The beauty of travel nursing is that even if a particular unit is a difficult one, it’s only temporary. Don’t quit…you can do it!

4. Take notes

Keep a small notebook in your pocket so you can jot down people’s names, important information related to the hospital, etc. – then review it often. While you may pride yourself on having an awesome memory, having a “cheat sheet” to fall back on is never a bad idea.

5. Have a clear understanding of the new hospital’s policies and procedures

Travel nurses are expected to think quickly and adapt to new environments with relative ease. Since every facility has their own policies and procedures, it’s important and extremely helpful for nurses to be informed and knowledgeable about details of their new assignment. Seek to understand by asking questions when you’re unsure. Some important things to know:

  • Are there new policies and procedures? Ask if there are any quick reference cards that could help along the way.
  • If there a new or different charting system?
  • Where are the crash carts and what are the codes?
  • Who handles the scheduling?

Travel nursing not only offers ample opportunities for personal growth with each new assignment, but it can also go a long way in helping you build a really strong, impressive resume.

So stand tall, put a smile on your face and begin the transition to your new assignment knowing that you have an opportunity to make a real difference.

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