Nursing is a calling. You have a gift.

We understand that you have choices when it comes to a travel staffing partner, and we’d love the opportunity to share the many reasons why TaleMed travel nurses choose to stay on with us, assignment after assignment – making us one of the top travel nurse companies in the country, as rated by travel nurses.

Why TaleMed?

When you sign on with us, you’re more than an employee – you’re family. We know that starting a new position, in a strange city, while certainly exciting, can also be a bit intimidating.

That’s why, we’re with our healthcare professionals every step of the way – helping with initial paperwork, necessary compliance testing and licensure requirements, interview preparation, finding housing and setting up direct deposit for your paycheck.

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At any given moment, all over the country, there are patients in need of compassionate, quality care. Thankfully, there are people like you who are ready, willing and able to provide it. At TaleMed, we believe our job is to bring you together.

“The only chances we regret are the ones we didn’t take”

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Our Community Platform

Community involvement is not just a catch phrase for TaleMed. We work to impact children and families in our community and in the world. We call this Impacting Tomorrow.

Learn more about how TaleMed and our employees give back with their time and talent to create a better world.

A Few Facts:

Fact 1

Founded in 2006, a privately-held, woman-owned business

Fact 2

Named for Talent in Medicine

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Certified by the Joint Commission since 2007

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Serving in all 50 states and Puerto Rico