Skye S combines her passion for travel and helping as a travel nurse

Learn How Skye S. is Living Out Her Dreams!

Skye S. grew up in Crescent City, a small town in North Florida, and she always dreamed of seeing the world. From the beginning, she knew she wanted to be a travel nurse!

Skye’s mom was also a nurse and suggested she try alternate career paths. But Skye knew travel nursing was the right fit for her. Before beginning her travel career, Skye described herself as “a floor nurse, living a regular life.”

“I’ve always wanted to travel and help people, so travel nursing is the perfect career to bring it all together,” she said.

Skye’s recruiter, Lana Kimmich, agrees that travel nursing is the perfect fit for her.

“Skye is a pure joy and a total sweetheart. She’s thoughtful, compassionate, and hilarious, too. Not to mention, she’s an extremely hard worker and is totally loved wherever she goes! Her kindness is infectious.”

Skye’s Current Assignment

Skye is currently on contract in Reno, Nevada, and it’s her favorite assignment so far. She loves the people she works with and she says she’s always learning something new on the trauma floor.

In her free time, Skye enjoys camping, hiking and skiing – making Reno the perfect location for her.

“I’m surrounded by so much awesomeness in Reno. Tahoe is right here, and there are all these other little lakes around us. We are 20 minutes from California, so we have all the Northern California forestry and all these lush beautiful mountains. It’s amazing!” she gushed.

Being a travel nurse, Skye has a flexible schedule that allows her to travel often. One of her favorite places is Idaho Falls. “I was two hours from Salt Lake, Jackson Hole and Big Sky. I got to ski everywhere!”

Why TaleMed?

Skye loves traveling with TaleMed. “I’ve worked with other companies, and I just don’t want to work with anyone else. They’re considerate, and they make me feel appreciated. They also make it so easy to find assignments.”

If you’re new to TaleMed, Skye suggests giving her recruiter, Lana, a call. “She’s the best, and she bends over backwards for me. She makes everything so easy!” Skye said.

If you haven’t traveled as a nurse before, starting your first assignment can be intimidating. Skye doesn’t think that should stop you, though. She suggests just going for it. “There’s always going to be floor staff jobs and nurses will always be needed. So, if you do it and don’t like it, you can always go back to working staff.

Want to learn more about Skye? Check out her Instagram here!

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