TaleMed: The Silicon Valley of Travel Nursing

Savannah, GA

What can TaleMed do for You?

Everyone has heard of Silicon Valley right? Facebook, Apple, Google. Just the basics, nothing big there. Oh except us…

TaleMed is the Silicon Valley of the travel nurse industry. Granted our home office is in Cincinnati, Ohio but that’s beside the point. With the network capacity to take you anywhere in the continental U.S. we have the ability to get you there. If you want to get to historic Savannah or the sprawling city of stars, Los Angeles, we’ve got you covered. Our teams of recruiters work with facilities in all 50 states to search for and place you in the desired – location, location, location – you are looking for.

What about Specifics?

Housing – no worries, our team will locate housing for you or provide you with a stipend if you would prefer to find it yourself

Insurance – we’ve got you covered with Anthem, the largest and most inclusive care provider in the nation (we know, that’s pretty great)

Hours – good news, we guarantee your hours in the event you get called off at some point during your assignment

While on Assignment

Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team either by phone, text, or email. We’ll get back to you even after business hours – it comes with the job. Our people won’t have to contact your people or vice versa (assuming we were all important enough to have “people”) – you will be able to contact us directly with no hoops to jump through.

Silicon Valley is a place unlike any other, you might say the same for TaleMed – a company unlike any other, run by people who have people like you in mind.

We’d love to hear from you: http://talemed.com/