Continuing Education Units

Continuing Education Units: Continue Your Education with TaleMed

About Continuing Education Units

As a licensed travel nurse, you’re required to earn CEUs every 1-2 years to maintain your licensure. You hold the lives of patients in your hands, and it’s important to keep your skills sharp to maintain high-quality care. Based on the state you’re working in, you will need to earn a certain number of travel nurse CEUs to maintain your license. If you have a compact license, you may need to maintain CEUs in your home state AND in the states you travel to. This can be a lot to keep track of while you travel to sunny Savannah, Georgia, and many other cities during the course of a year. That’s why your recruiter helps make it easy for you to earn your travel nurse continuing education.

TaleMed offers Continuing Education Units support

Remember when you were younger and had a parent or teacher reminding you to do your homework? That person probably helped ensure you got your assignments done on time and accurately. The recruiters at TaleMed offer similar support for your travel nurse continuing education credits. If you have questions about how to earn CEUs or need help planning and tracking your credits, your TaleMed recruiter is at your service. Plus, TaleMed understands the importance of CEUs to your travel nursing licensure and career so we pick up the tab for all the courses you take! To learn more about our CEU Program, simply contact your TaleMed recruiter.

Advantages of Continuing Education Units assistance from TaleMed

Aside from being convenient, the CEU Program can help you:

  1. Save money. Depending on how many states in which you need to earn CEUs, continuing education can be costly. You’ll need to pay to attend seminars, training or other events, and these can add up. Working with TaleMed, your costs associated with CEUs will be covered—helping you to save money while you maintain your licensure.
  2. Stay licensed. Letting CEUs slide can mean a lapse in your licensure. This hiccup can prevent you from accepting back-to-back assignments and can lead to a hole in your income. Staying licensed helps you stay employed as a travel nurse.
  3. Stay sharp. The purpose of travel nurse CEUs is helping your maintain keen nursing skills. During Savannah travel nurse jobs or anywhere else in the country you may choose to travel, cutting edge nursing knowledge will help you do your very best.

Let TaleMed help you earn CEUs—and find your next travel RN placement

If you’re wondering how to find a travel nurse job, TaleMed is ready to help! Whether you’re in search of Savannah travel nurse placements or an assignment in another part of the U.S., our experienced recruiters will work with you to find the best travel nurse jobs. To learn more, contact TaleMed today!

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