Staffing Methodology

The TaleMed Staffing Methodology

Staffing Methodology

Looking for travel nurses to round out your nursing staff? Bringing on the temporary services of a travel nurse is a smart way for facilities to cover gaps in their healthcare team. And if you’re located in the Savannah area, TaleMed is your number one source for travel RNs. We also have experience placing travel nurses with assignments all over the world—so no matter what your home base, we’re your go-to travel nurse source. Here’s why.

TaleMed is a leader in the healthcare staffing industry—and we’re committed to the success of our travel nurse placements. We work with both public and private facilities that include acute care and community hospitals, as well as trauma centers. Our focus is on customer service and attention to detail for the best travel nurse placements, every time. In fact, 99 percent of the healthcare professionals we placed last year completed their assignments.

Our placement methodology includes the following:

  1. Employee screening. We ensure the qualifications of our travel nurses and the safety of your practice through skills assessment, identification of assignment preferences and background checks, including criminal checks with a seven-year history.
  2. Employee job matching. We work with you to understand your specific hiring needs. Plus, we comply with your specific interview requirements before placing a travel nurse.
  3. We aim for smooth transitions and set our nurses up for success with your facility. For this reason we provide a full orientation system, complete with safety modules and quizzes. Travel nurses will be briefed on everything they need to know.
  4. Credential monitoring. We help our travel nurses stay up-to-date with all required credentialing and documentation. To do this, we maintain records of our employees and notify them when it’s time to update any credentials.
  5. Ongoing service. You’ll receive dedicated attention from your account manager to ensure quality and performance of your travel nurses. They will check in regularly to maintain open communication and address any questions that may arise.
  6. On-site quality control. In addition to your account manager, you’ll work with our on-site service team. These experienced healthcare professionals will visit your facility to add further insurance that your travel nurse experience is a positive one.
  7. Post-assignment follow-up. Feedback is another important step for TaleMed. Our travel nurses complete a comprehensive survey after they finish each assignment. This helps us monitor our processes and further update our offering.

From beginning to end, your travel nurse staffing experience will be a success!

Working with TaleMed, you can rest assured your facility is staffed with the best travel nurse professionals. To learn more, visit TaleMed online or contact us today!