Nursing Shortage

Is Your Hospital Facing a Nursing Shortage?

How to Compensate for a Nursing Shortage

If you’re wondering how to cover nurse staffing gaps, travel nurses are a great resource! They can provide temporary coverage or sometimes full-time, permanent nursing support. So if you’ve found your hospital is in need of additional nurse staff, why not consider the advantages of travel nurses?

Why to hire travel nurses

Staffing with travel RNs can provide your facility with the following key advantages:

  1. Gain an experienced nurse. If you’re wary of bringing on a nurse that requires significant onboarding, you can rest assured a travel nurse will exceed your expectations. Travel nurses spend their careers moving from assignment to assignment, and doing so gives them a wide range of job experience. Travel nurses have worked in various settings with a wide range of employee populations. Plus, they’re used to being the “new kid,” so transition to a new job is fast and easy.
  2. Fill short-term gaps or leaves of absence. Have you recently lost a full-timer and need to cover the staffing gap while you look for a more permanent employee? Or maybe you have an employee out on disability or maternity leave. Staffing with travel RNs gives you the flexibility to bring a new nurse on for only as long as you need—without the responsibility of a permanent hire. This could include extending the nurse’s placement if you’re still in need of additional nurse staffing.
  3. Find a potential permanent employee. If a travel nurse is a perfect match for your job opportunity and company culture, you have the option to offer them a permanent position at your hospital. With travel nurses, you have the unique opportunity to work with them before extending an offer and can determine whether or not they’re a perfect fit.
  4. Hire a happy worker. Research has shown that travel nurses may be the happiest nurses on the payroll. Possibly because they have the opportunity to fill their careers with a variety of job experiences or maybe it’s because they can continue to learn, grow and develop their skills through new assignments. Whatever the reason, if you hear whistling at your hospital—it just may be your new travel nurse!

Looking for a travel nurse partner?

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