The Positive Impact of Travel Nurses

Advantages of Hiring Travel Nurses

Are you looking to staff up at your hospital? Savannah travel nurses offer your facility a few key benefits that can be a big advantage. If you’re ever wondered why you should hire travel RNs or how travel nurses help, just consider these top five reasons, as presented by healthcare staffing expert TaleMed.

You’ll notice the positive impact of travel nurses at your hospital—first through the skills they bring, and second through the advantages they offer the rest of your staff. At your Savannah hospital or anywhere throughout the country, consider the following reasons to bring travel RNs onboard:

  1. Prevent burnout of full-time nurses. Nursing can be a tall order if you have a full patient case load or find your facility understaffed. For busy times of year or when you’re short-handed, travel nurses can help you preserve your permanent full-time workers.
  2. Bring a fresh, new perspective to your staff. Travel RNs move to a new assignment every 13 weeks or so. This means they’re well-rounded, with resumes full of different nursing experiences. You can tap into this nursing knowledge by bringing one or several travel nurses into your facility.
  3. Cover leaves of absence. If one of your full-timers will be going out on short- or long-term disability, you may need to fill a staffing gap for a brief period. In this case, it doesn’t make sense to seek and hire a new full-time nurse, but you’ll need someone to cover for your missing nurse—and travel RNs are a perfect solution. Plus, travel nurses are used to filling in when hospitals need them most, so they can be onboarded quickly and ready to work.
  4. Make scheduling more flexible. Being able to offer your full-time nurses flexible scheduling can help you build a supportive facility culture. Travel nurses can float to where you need them, filling staffing gaps on various shifts and giving your full-timers the option to attend their child’s school play or a dentist appointment, for example. More flexibility adds to a positive job experience for nurses who lead busy lives outside their shifts—as we all do!
  5. Gain an experienced nurse. Needing to staff up on short notice shouldn’t mean sacrificing the quality of patient care. By hiring travel nurses, you gain access to a network of nursing professionals with the skills and experience your facility requires.

Advantages of a travel nurse staffing partner

If you need to staff up quickly and don’t have the time to find and place nursing candidates, that’s OK. Working with a travel nurse recruiter will help you find and place travel nurses much faster than having to locate candidates on your own.

Looking for a Savannah travel nurse recruiter?

If you’re interested in hiring travel nurses, it helps to work with the best travel nurse recruiter. And the experts at TaleMed can help! We’ll work with you to find a place travel nurses in Savannah or many locations across the country! To learn more, contact TaleMed today!