Nervous About Traveling Somewhere New?

Are you nervous to begin a career as a travel nurse? That’s OK—many new travelers get the jitters. It’s perfectly natural to be unsure of the unknown! But if you’re wondering why you should become a travel nurse, it’s safe to say you will experience many advantages, and a chunk of them are related to travel itself. Here’s what you need to know if you’re an RN considering a shift to a travel career!

Advantages of travel nursing

As a travel RN, you’ll open your career up to many exciting benefits. These include:

  • Cross destinations off your bucket list. You can see new locations and visit places you may not have gotten to see otherwise. If you’re nervous at first, you’ll feel much better once you’re on the beach, in the mountains or checking out the bright lights of a cityscape.
  • Experience a city before you move. Maybe you’d like to relocate, but you’re not sure where to go. With a travel nursing career, you can check out locations across the country—and if you fall in love, you may decide to make a permanent move. It’s an advantage that’s unique to travel nurses!
  • Enjoy a limited stay. Travel nursing assignments last around 13 weeks. This way, if you travel to a location you decide you’re not fond of, you can leave after a short time. This is not an option in many lines of work—travel nurses are fortunate!
  • Get housing assistance. Not sure where to live on assignment? No problem! Your recruiter will provide travel nurse housing assistance you can take advantage of. Many travel staffing agencies offer a housing option, or a stipend if you wish to secure your own place to stay. Whichever option you choose, your recruiter will work with you for a temporary residence in a safe, convenient area.

Best cities for travel nurses

If you’re ready to pack your bags and head out on your first travel RN adventure, call TaleMed! You can work with an experienced travel nurse recruiter for placements in San Diego and other popular cities across the country. To learn more, contact our healthcare recruiting professionals today!

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