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Things to Think About When Thinking About a Travel Nursing Career

Do you dream of seeing the world? For some professions, this is an activity you can only do during holidays and vacations. But as a nurse, you have the unique advantage of traveling for your job. With each new travel placement, you can set sail for any destination you choose—based on the activities and climate you enjoy. So if you’re a skier, you can take up temporary residence in Denver, CO. Enjoy sunshine and a warmer climate? Then San Diego, CA may be more your thing. Or maybe you’re into the art and music scene. Why not consider a placement in Brooklyn, NY? As a travel nurse, the world is at your command—and new sights, sounds and people are just a travel placement away. But that’s not the only advantage of travel nursing.

Beyond experiencing new surroundings and local cultures, travel nurses enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Build your resume in record time. Travel placements last from 3–12 months, and each job you accept can be different. So while your stationary colleagues may take years in between job experiences, you’ll be able to build up your job skills much more quickly.
  2. Gain room for advancement. The more nursing skills you acquire, the more job opportunities will open up for you. Travel nursing is a great way to learn, grow and advance in your nursing career.
  3. Work as much or little as you’d like. You can accept travel assignments back to back, or you take time off in between assignments. It’s up to you.
  4. Earn more. Because nurses work hard and certain regions are in immediate need of extra nursing staff, travel assignments provide competitive wages and compensation.
  5. Build skills other than nursing. Travel placements help you build your nursing knowledge, but they’ll also teach you more about yourself. You’ll need to be flexible and outgoing, getting to know new co-workers and situations on a regular basis. You’ll develop your people skills, navigation skills and an overall sense of adaptation and adventure.
  6. Whether it’s skiing, snowboarding, hiking, biking, dining, beer tasting or the arts, Denver, CO has activities galore if you love the outdoors, local cuisine, music or culture. But no matter where you travel, you’ll have a full itinerary of new activities to sample in your free time.
  7. Visit before you move. Perhaps you’re considering a big move, but you’re not sure about your destination. A travel assignment is the perfect way to experience a new area before you make it your permanent home.
  8. Take your family and pets along. Think you’ll need to abandon the comforts of home? Think again. Sure, you’ll be in a new place. But many assignments allow you to bring your spouse and children along, and often, housing arrangements are pet friendly.
  9. Avoid office drama. When the same people work together for years upon years, little mini-dramas can pop up. But when your assignments last from 3–12 months at a clip, you’ll avoid much of the usual office politics that can develop over time.
  10. Help those in need. Usually, travel nurses are called to placements where help is needed most—and quickly. You’ll be able to put your healing talents to the test—and that’s why you became a nurse in the first place, isn’t it?

Are you ready?

If you’re feeling bored or stagnated in your current nursing job, travel nursing may just be the change you’ve been waiting for. All aboard for your next geographic adventure!

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