Traveling with pets

Road Warriors — A Nurse and Her Canine Companion

Traveling with Pets

Growing up in Pennsylvania, Lia H.’s friends and family suffered from many illnesses. Those early experiences helped her decide that her goal in life is to help others.

To achieve her mission, she earned a B.S. in Nursing from the University of Pittsburgh in Johnstown. She started her RN career in the MICU and then a Trauma Level I ER. But Lia also knew she wanted to be a travel nurse. She achieved that dream by working with TaleMed.

Her dog, Sir Bronn, named after the Game of Thrones character, has been her constant companion since she started traveling in 2019. “He’s been in the car since he was a pup,” says Lia. “He’s good as long as I’m there.”

Exploring New England

Lia spent last summer working in Plymouth, MA and explored the area during her off-time. “Plymouth is a very cute, small beach town,” she says. “Bronn and I lived within walking distance to the ocean and frequented Whitehorse Beach. I also fell in love with thick New England clam chowder in a bread bowl!”

After that she worked at a medical center in Boston, just down the road from her sister. “That was actually the first time in years we’ve lived near each other,” says Lia.

She also took advantage of how close Boston is to everything. “I’d take Bronn on hikes in Portland, ME and Providence, RI,” she says. “We fell in love with Acadia, ME, during a weekend trip to see the fall colors.”

Traveling with pets

Travel While You Can

Lia is so thankful that she followed her dream and she advises healthcare professionals to travel while they can. “Go everywhere and see everything,” she says. “Take that leap and take risks.”

It does help to have a friend like Bronn. And if you have pets, don’t worry about securing pet-friendly housing. Our TaleMed team will work with you to ensure your pet can accompany you on your travels. TaleMed can help you make traveling with pets easier on you.

To kick off the new year, Lia and Bronn have ventured out of the Northeast for a new travel assignment in Reno. “Bronn’s a real road warrior,” she says. “He loved driving across the country!”

Start your next adventure!

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