Travel Nursing

Are You Interested in Travel Nursing?

Advantages of Travel Nursing

Are you looking to shake up your nursing career? If so, travel nursing could be just the thing for you. As a travel RN, you’ll get to tour the country (or even the world) while gaining plenty of job experience, boosting your resume and meeting new people. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, if you’re up for a new challenge! And TaleMed is your number one source for everything you’ll need if you’re wondering how to get started travel nursing.

What TaleMed offers

So, why to partner with TaleMed? First and foremost, our experienced travel nurse recruiters will work with you to understand your career goals. Where do you want your career to take you, what job settings do you want to experience and what cities do you want to see? This and more will be questions your nursing recruiter will discuss with you, to help you find best-matched travel RN placements.

The benefits you need to stay well

As a TaleMed travel nurse, we look after you on the road—and want to help you stay in your very best health! That’s why your benefits package will include medical insurance, dental coverage and prescription coverage. Plus, you’ll receive accrued vacation time for when you need a little R&R and access to a 401(k) to help you plan for the future.

Assistance with continuing education

TaleMed understands your credentialing requirements and offers a CEU program to help you maintain your credentials. Plus, we’ll pick up the tab for your educational endeavors. We’ll also work with you to keep your licenses and certifications up to date as you travel from state to state!

Housing and travel

Wondering where you’ll hang your hat while in your temporary new city? We provide single, private housing for every assignment. That means no roommates in your choice of a private hotel/motel room or one-bedroom apartment. But, if you prefer to branch out on your own, that’s OK, too. TaleMed offers a weekly housing stipend you can use to rent your very own place to stay.

And what about getting to your assignment? Our travel and housing department will work with you to find the transportation that works best for you—including full coverage of flights to and from each placement.

Want to learn more?

If you’re curious about all that TaleMed has to offer, visit us online or reach out to speak with our experienced staff. We link our travel nurses to placements in the best cities for travel nurses, including Providence, Rhode Island, and many other cities across the country. All you need to decide is where you’d like your travel nursing career to take you, and let TaleMed take care of the rest. Contact us today to learn more!

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