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From Rad Tech to TaleMed Recruiter

TaleMed Allied Health recruiter Sarah Maxwell loved being a Rad Tech. As a Rad Tech, she could combine her interest in diagnostics with being a people person.

After earning an Associate’s degree in Radiology at Shawnee State University, she worked for more than five years at Highland District Hospital in her hometown of Hillsboro, Ohio.

ARRT registered in radiology and CT, she loved being able to help patients every day.

“I had a feel for all my patients and made good connections with them,” says Sarah. “It was great to see people’s anatomy every day and help in their diagnosis. I’m still amazed at the technology, and it’s only getting better.”

Taking the Next Step

While she loved her rad tech career, Sarah became ready to transition to a more business type of setting. And she found the perfect fit at TaleMed. Now, she can use her background and skills to help other Allied Health professionals.

“I’m so grateful for this job. It’s a great company with great people,” says Sarah. “Here, I’m still involved in the healthcare field and still building relationships and helping people.”

Advice for Rad Tech Travelers

For Rad Techs interested in traveling, she recommends cross-training in as many modalities as possible. Then getting registered for that expertise.

Being ARRT or ARDMS registered in each modality helps build a resume and opens up more opportunities across the country, according to Sarah.

The opportunity at TaleMed has helped Sarah grow and be the best version of herself. Now, she wants to do that for fellow Rad Techs.

“I understand. I get the daily struggles. I’ve been there. I want to help Health Care Professionals on their journeys — and go along with them,” she says.

Start your next adventure!

If you haven’t traveled with TaleMed before, you can take your first step today. Contact a TaleMed recruiter by calling 1-800-494-0087 or completing our Quick Application.

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