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How to Prepare for Assignment: What to Expect on Day One

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Things to Follow to Prepare for Assignment

Travel nurse assignments are an exciting—and challenging—opportunity in your nursing career. They give you a chance that other occupations do not offer, and that’s the ability to make a new city your home every three months or so. Still, as you prepare to depart for Providence, RI, or wherever your placement will be taking you, you may feel a few butterflies. It’s normal to feel a little nervous, especially if this is your first travel nurse job—but you don’t need to. Your first day will be great, and you can help ensure this by following six expert tips. Here’s what you need to know.

Your recruiter is a valuable resource in getting ready for your travel assignment. She wants you to succeed just as much as you do and will give you the help you need to begin on day one. You can also follow these tips:

  1. Pack light. Becoming a minimalist is in your favor as a travel nurse. Remember, the less you bring with you, the less you’ll need to bring back home. Simply plan for only what you’ll need, and remember that certain items—like dishes, towels, cleaning products, etc.—you can buy once you’re at your temporary residence. Try not to overpack!
  2. Move in ahead of schedule. Plan to arrive and move in at least a few days before your assignment begins. That way you can start to get the feel for your new city and take care of any paperwork before your first day.
  3. Be sure all paperwork is up to date. You don’t want to arrive at your new travel nurse assignment only to find out important paperwork is expired. Your recruiter can help you make sure everything is in order, including your licensure, certifications, immunization records, etc.
  4. Map your route into work. On your first day, you don’t want to be rushing around, unsure of your way or even lost. Find out ahead of time where your facility is located and how to get there. Learn about the public transportation available or if you have a car, the route you’ll need to take into work.
  5. Know who you’re meeting with. Your recruiter can give you the name of your facility contact. You may even wish to contact them ahead of time to introduce yourself and find out where to arrive on day one.
  6. Put on your best smile. As the “new kid,” it’s important to make a great first impression. You want to establish yourself as a knowledgeable nursing professional and a caring, compassionate co-worker. The best way to do this is by starting your first day with confidence and charm. Be ready to smile, shake hands and meet your team!

You can rely on your recruiter

Don’t let first day jitters get you down! Your recruiter is available for all the information you need to make your next travel placement your best ever—so don’t be afraid to reach out and ask questions.

TaleMed is your number-one choice for travel nurse placements

As a leading medical staffing firm, your TaleMed recruiter will work with you for a travel placement that fits with your career needs and goals. We provide the resources that will help you prepare for your assignment and ease your transition. To learn more, contact us today!

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