How to Prepare for an Assignment: Housing

The Process of Finding Traveling Housing

Partof travel nursing is finding somewhere to stay while on assignment. Before you embark on your travel assignment to sunny Savannah, GA, you’ll need to make an important decision about where to live. Whether you’re a minimalist or prefer all the comforts of home while away, you have many options for housing. By working with your recruiter, you’ll be able to find the housing option you find most comfortable, so you can sleep soundly during your travel placement. Here’s what you need to know.

Your Primary Choice: Stipend or Agency-Placed 

Most agencies offer to find housing for you, and will contact you with a few options from which to choose. OR, they may also allow a housing budget—or stipend—you can use towards rent, utilities and other costs (such as cable or Internet) on the housing option of your choice. Before you decide, it’s important to consider the benefits and drawbacks of each.

Agency-placed Housing

This is generally the best option if it’s your first travel assignment or you’re fairly new to travel nursing. You’ll have plenty of other factors to get used to, and the responsibility of finding suitable housing can be overwhelming. It’s a simple way to get started, and your agency will already have contracts and agreements in place with landlords and management in the Savannah area. Plus, you won’t have to worry about cash out-of-pocket for the deposit on your new place. However, if you choose this option, you have very little say in where you live during your assignment.

When deciding on agency-placed housing, ask your recruiter the following questions:

  • Does the agency pay for utilities, water, garbage, etc.?
  • Are cable and Internet included, and if so, will I get help setting them up?
  • Will my unit be furnished, or will I need to provide furniture?
  • Will I have a roommate, or my own unit?
  • Can I bring my spouse/children/pet?
  • What if I dislike my housing?

Going it Alone

If you’re a more seasoned travel nurse, taking the stipend will give you more responsibility—but also more freedom in where you decide to live. You’ll be able to find a unit that has all the amenities you require—for example, on-site laundry, rather than a laundromat. And if you are able to find housing that’s inexpensive, you can always bank the rest of your housing allowance. However, it may be difficult to find a landlord that is willing to rent out a property short term (depending on where you choose to stay). If you decide on this option, you might want to consider any of the following to help you find the right housing for you:

  • Motels, hotels and extended stay lodging. With this housing option, you won’t need to worry about furnishing, and most are located close to conveniences such as restaurants, shopping centers and laundromats. Plus, you may be able to negotiate a lower rate by talking to the manager.
  • Family and friends. You can save money if you decide to lodge with family and friends. Plus, you’ll get to catch up while you’re in town, and get tips for the best things to see and do in Savannah.
  • Vacation Rentals by Owner (VRBOTM). If you prefer a more posh housing arrangement, this website will let you browse many beautiful possibilities. Plus you may be able to get a discount if you’re traveling during an off-season.
  • com. Plenty of housing options can be found on this popular website. Your best bet may be to place a “housing wanted” ad, rather than search through listings.
  • A local realtor. The advantage of this option is working with someone who knows the Savannah area and can recommend the type of neighborhood you’re in search of.

Your Recruiter Can Help

Working with your recruiter, you’ll be able to explain what type of housing you’d like and get recommendations. They will be able to explain the housing options your staffing agency offers and help you find the choice that works best for you.

Check Out TaleMed

For travel placement in the Savannah area—or many other cities throughout the country—TaleMed provides single, private housing in a motel/hotel or one-bedroom apartment. Or if you prefer to find your own housing arrangement, we have weekly housing allowances available. To learn more and talk with a TaleMed recruiter about our travel nursing opportunities, contact us today.


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