How the PTLC helps physical therapists

How the Physical Therapy Licensure Compact Breaks down Barriers

In our increasingly mobile world, changes to medicine and education and the increasing demand for travel healthcare has generated a need for professionals to be able to practice across multiple states with minimal constraints. The result? Interstate licensure compacts for physicians, nurses and physical therapists.

On April 25, 2017 the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy launched the Physical Therapy Licensure Compact (PTLC) to increase patient access to physical therapy services. By reducing regulatory barriers to interstate mobility and cross-state practice, physical therapists and physical therapist assistants benefit can treat patients in their homes, assisted living facilities, community health clinics and other remote locations across state lines.

How the PTLC works

21 states have enacted compact legislation with nine states actively issuing and accepting compact privileges. If you live in one of these states and become a licensee participant, you have permission to take on travel or contract positions in multiple states other than your home state as long as they are a Compact member state.

How the PT Compact helps physical therapists


If you’re a PT or PTA who wants to travel, the Compact allows you to reduce job placement time and expand your professional opportunities.

How do I apply for the PTLC?

The easiest way to apply for a Compact Privilege is to go to You must have a license in your home state, pay all required fees and meet other eligibility criteria. The criteria includes having no disciplinary action against your license for at least two years.

Once you receive your Compact Privilege, you can legally work as a PT or PTA in multiple states. But you also must:

  • Have a valid, current, unrestricted license in your primary state of residence
  • Let any remote states know ahead of time that you will be working there

TaleMed is ready to work with you

There are several states still considering adopting the PTLC. TaleMed will continue to update our physical therapists and physical therapist assistants about compact updates.

If you ever have questions about your Compact Privilege, your TaleMed recruiter is always available to help. For more information on travel opportunities, search our available Allied Health jobs and contact us today. Follow us on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn and Instagram.

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