Patient Care

Patient Safety Is the Cornerstone of High-quality Patient Care

Hospitals across the country continue to experience a nursing shortage. While this is not a new issue, studies show that the problem is still negatively affecting patient care and putting the safety of both the patient and the nurse at risk.

At TaleMed, we know that providing high-quality care for your patients is paramount to maintaining the standard of excellence you’ve worked hard to establish for your facility. We take great pride in doing our part to make that happen. That’s why when you partner with us, you can be sure that you are getting thoroughly vetted healthcare professionals who are knowledgeable, experienced and carry themselves with the utmost integrity.

We’re On the Same Team

Bringing a TaleMed nurse onboard will alleviate shortages, which will improve patient care by maintaining a healthier nurse-to-patient ratio. Aside from benefits to the patients, travel nurses also offer advantages for hospitals:

  • They are a means of acquiring staff for difficult-to-fill positions. Some specialties have a high turnover rate, making it more cost-efficient to use a travel nurse than to repeatedly attempt to replace permanent staff.
  • They are ideal for filling temporary vacancies that come open due to staff illness, pregnancies or a busy flu season.
  • The positions can provide savings in staff expenses because they don’t come with costly benefits like retirement or health insurance.

Filling Your Short-term Needs Enables Long-term Success

Ready to put our reputation as an industry leader to work for you?

At TaleMed, we strive to provide you with a healthcare professional who not only fills your short-term needs, but also, contributes to your long-term success. Our search and placement process is incredibly thorough in that we not only identify candidates who have the knowledge and experience you require, but also those who share common values and “get” your facility’s culture.