How the nursing demand will grow over the next 10 years

The Demand for Nursing and What It Means for You

The wave of retiring nurses means one of two things: a larger patient population to take care or an influx of open nursing position. But what some reports have called a crisis can have a silver lining for many younger nurses.

According to research, the number of nurses needed in the US over the next decade is estimated to skyrocket 28.4%. By 2030, the country will need 3.6 million new nurses.

What does a demand for nurses mean for you? Options, options and more options. So how exactly can the nursing demand benefit your career?

Your dream job is achievable!

In today’s healthcare environment, nurses can aim for more than just job security. Job openings continue to come available all over the country. Even highly popular destinations like California have a growing need for nurses. California actually tops the RN deficit list with estimated deficit of 44,500 jobs.

In addition, taking a job in a state with a higher cost of living doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your salary. States such as California and Hawaii pay RNs more than any other state with median wages totaling more than $100,000, according to

Projected nursing shortages by US statesYou can focus on your core responsibilities

Organizations have struggled for years to adequately design and implement systems to ensure professional nurses aren’t burdened with non-licensed duties. The increasing nursing demand is sparking employers to restructure workflows, analyze the work of different skill levels and design roles to ensure the right person is performing the right function.

Solving this problem eases the impact of shortages caused by nursing demand, increases productivity in the workplace and improves patient care.

You can receive increased professional recognition

With more RNs needed, the role of a nurse becomes even more visible and widely appreciated. Healthcare leaders reward the work of managers and frontline caregivers with more than just salary increases.

Over the past few decades, the field of nursing has seen the creation of clinical ladders, shared governance structures, flexible staffing systems and advanced practice roles. In addition, overall professional recognition for individuals and entire teams has continued to grow.

TaleMed can help – after all we are family

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