Nominate a TaleMed Healthcare Professional for a DAISY Award!

The family of J. Patrick Barnes created The DAISY (Diseases Attacking the Immune System) Foundation to honor Patrick, who died at age 33 of complications of Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP). During his hospitalization, they greatly appreciated the care and compassion of the healthcare professionals (HCPs) who helped Patrick.

With the DAISY Awards, they found an ongoing way for HCPs to be thanked in a public way. Now an international recognition award, it’s supported by more than 4,500 healthcare facilities and TaleMed.

Please nominate an HCP and describe how they had a positive impact on their patients while working for TaleMed.

TaleMed is proud to honor our healthcare professionals twice a year with DAISY awards in the Spring and Fall!

DAISY award winners from TaleMed will receive:

  • A TaleMed store gift
  • An award certificate
  • Company-wide recognition
  • And more!

Honor a TaleMed Healthcare Professional

Thank you for sharing your story about a healthcare professional making a difference in a patient’s life. Our nominations committee will determine awards based on our company values of:

  • Respect
  • Innovation
  • Consistency
  • Humility
  • Excellence
  • Resilience
  • A month or season and year for when the HCP was working when the event or activities occurred.
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