New States eNLC Go Into Effect July 1

More opportunities to travel with a Kansas, Louisiana, or Indiana RN license

As of today, July 1, three news states have implemented the Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact. Kansas and Louisiana passed laws earlier that created a July 1 effective date. Indiana just recently passed their legislation, with an effective date of July 1. The processes for getting a license in Indiana are not yet in place, but the state’s Nursing Board will post updates.

What does that mean for people with these licenses? It’s now easier for you to travel to and work in more than 30 other states.

For nurses in other states, if you have an eNLC license, you can more easily travel to Kansas, Louisiana and Indiana.

Difference between the NLC and eNLC

The eNLC makes it possible for many nurses to travel and practice in multiple states across the country. The ability to cross state lines to provide care allows nurses to travel across the country and fill open positions in a large numbers of states.

The main difference between the NLC and the eNLC is a requirement for a fingerprint criminal background check. All but one state (Rhode Island) chose to transition to the new eNLC. In addition, Alabama is scheduled to implement their eNLC in January of next year (in gold on the map). There are several states with pending legislation for the enhanced NLC (shown in blue on the map). As the state lists are updated, we will continue to update our TaleMed nurses.

If at any time you have questions about your license and where it is valid, talk to your recruiter or call 1-800-494-0087.

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