Freedom of Travel Nursing

The Freedom of Travel Nursing

Learn about the Freedom of Travel Nursing

Are you considering a job as a travel RN? Maybe you’ve toyed with the idea, but you’re on the fence about whether it’s the right career move for you. Or maybe you’re a nurse who’d like to shake up your nursing career, but you’re not quite sure of your next step. Travel nursing offers plenty of advantages, including the freedom to call the shots in your career. But that’s not all!

Your nursing career can take you many places, including around the country—and the world! Consider these seven reasons if you’re wondering why to be a travel nurse:

  1. Enjoy a flexible schedule. Travel nursing placements last around 13 weeks. That means every few months you can try something new. You can accept as few or as many jobs as you like—so when you want to take a break, you can!
  2. Explore what you love about your career. Maybe you like working in pediatrics or maybe you’re interested in rehabilitation. Whatever you love about nursing, you can accept assignments in that discipline. And if you’re looking to gain more experience in a particular branch of nursing—you can do that, too! With travel nursing, you can fill your resume with a wide range of job experiences.
  3. Cross items off your bucket list. Do you want to see the beaches of Honolulu, the mountains of Denver, the charm of New Orleans or the quaintness of Providence? Travel nursing allows you to experience all these cities, and more!
  4. Help where you’re needed most. Facilities who bring in the temporary support of travel nurses generally need help ASAP. You’ll be putting your talents to the test at a hospital that needs you!
  5. Meet new people. If you’re a people person, travel nursing allows you to interact with an ever-changing array of nurses, medical staff and patients. Think of all the people you can meet and the cultures you can experience!
  6. Leave office politics behind. One of the major advantages of travel nursing is the ability to escape the same four walls—and the office politics that can sometimes develop when people work together for an extended period of time.
  7. Get perks and compensation. Nursing agencies take great care of their travel nurses—connecting you with assignments that pay well, covering housing and even meals.

Become a travel RN in New Orleans

Working with TaleMed, you can find a placement as a New Orleans travel nurse, or other assignments across the country! If you’re interested in learning more about travel nursing and the best cities for travel nurses, contact us today.

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