Happy and Healthy

Happy Nurses Week!

National Nurses Week: Stay Happy and Healthy

National Nurses Week is May 6–12, 2017. It’s when the country celebrates the hard work and contributions of nurses to our society and healthcare industry. As a nurse, take time during this week to reflect on your experiences that enrich the lives of your patients and healthcare team. Be proud of who you are and what you do as we celebrate you this May!

This year’s theme is Nursing: The Balance of Mind, Body and Spirit

The American Nursing Association is celebrating 2017 as the “Year of the Healthy Nurse.” Your well-being is important to your ability to do your very best on the job. In your best health, you are best-equipped to take care of your patients, your loved ones and yourself!

Here’s how you can stay healthy and happy in your nursing career:

  1. Treat your feet. Nurses spend plenty of time on their feet—so keep yours happy and healthy with regular foot care. You might purchase a foot bath or get a pedicure. You can also pick up a foot massager to relax after your shift. And don’t forget to wear supportive, skid-proof footwear—your feet are important, so take good care of them!
  2. Eat well and exercise. By the end of your shift, exercise might seem like the furthest thing from your mind, but it’s important for good heart health and weight management. Joining a gym or yoga studio is a smart choice, but you can also take workout shortcuts—such as using the stairs instead of the elevator, or parking further from the entrance of your hospital. And don’t forget about good nutrition—eat plenty of fresh fruit and veggies, lean meats and fish, whole grains and low-fat dairy. Limit salt and processed food items. And always remember to drink plenty of water.
  3. Build a support network. Nursing has its rewarding moments, but also its stressful ones. By taking advantage of a network of supportive individuals, nothing can keep you down! Your network might consist of other nurses, your family, friends or nursing school classmates.
  4. Get enough sleep. Sleep is more important than you may think! Getting enough sleep helps you maintain concentration, think clearly and stay in good spirits. Aim for 6-8 hours every night. Keep your room dark and cool, and use a white noise machine if it helps you drift off into slumber.
  5. Learn something new! Never stop learning—it’s the best way to stay on top of your game! As a nurse, you might want to experience something different in your career. This could include earning a new certification or becoming a travel nurse and seeing the country! Nurses are in high demand with plenty of job opportunities—how will you maximize your nursing career?

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