Electronic Health Records

Bettering Patient Care: Electronic Health Records

Electronic Health Records (EHRs) are sweeping the healthcare industry! They’re quickly replacing paper charts as a more efficient way to track patient care and aid in medical team collaboration. Though EHRS require a learning curve for all members of a healthcare team, their benefits far outweigh the time it takes to master them. To stay “in the know” when searching for Minneapolis travel RN jobs, here’s what travel nurses should know about EHRs.

EHRs improve healthcare efficiency

In much the same way that Accountable Care Organizations help facilitate efficiency within healthcare teams, EHRs also help improve communication and collaboration. They allow all medical notes to be tracked in a centralized database—so all team members can access reliable and complete patient healthcare records. Plus, EHRs:

  • Provide vital health information that’s available when needed—even if a patient is unconscious and unable to supply it.
  • Automatically alert travel nurses and other healthcare team members to allergies and other potential medication interactions.
  • Help medical teams quickly identify and correct operational issues that can hinder care efficiency.

EHRs help healthcare professionals diagnose patients

Electronic Health Record efficiency helps doctors and other healthcare professionals diagnose patients faster and easier. This is because they can view notes from multiple providers in one location—for a whole health approach that can improve patient care. EHRs allow travel nurses to access diagnosis information in ways that make sense and can help in patient treatments.

EHRs improve patient health outcomes

Electronic Health Record benefits also include improvements in patients’ health. Through improved team collaboration, healthcare professionals can eliminate treatment redundancy and determine the best care based on a patient’s needs. When patients get exactly the care they need, it’s much easier to see health improvements.

Looking for Minneapolis travel nurse jobs?

Understanding and mastering EHRs will help you boost your travel RN skills, as well as your resume. Travel nurses with EHR experience are in high demand in Minneapolis—and across the country! If you’re in search of the best travel nurse jobs, contact TaleMed. We’re one of the best travel nurse staffing agencies in the country and we’ll work with you for a travel nurse placement that fits. To learn more, contact us today!

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