Reilly H.

Meet the Travel Nurse who Does it All—Reilly H.

Independent. Caring. Flexible. These are just a few of the words TaleMed recruiter Brad Baumer uses to describe travel nurse Reilly H.

“She really is the best of the best,” he said.

Reilly H. grew up in Grand Junction, Colorado, a small town on the Western Slope. Reilly discovered her passion for the medical field working for a plastic surgeon as a medical assistant. She decided to go to nursing school and worked as an OR nurse for more than 2 years in Baltimore.

Becoming a Travel Nurse

Reilly loves traveling and knew she didn’t want to stay in Baltimore forever.

“My only experience as a nurse was in Baltimore, and I knew there was more out there. I’d never know the perfect fit until I tried it. Travel nursing just seemed perfect. I could try different areas and different hospitals and take everything that they could teach me and build it into my own practice,” she said.

She’s loved every single assignment so much that it’s difficult for her to choose a favorite.

“If I had to choose, I would say New Orleans because it’s just an amazing city. They have the culture, food and music. It was such a great experience. Everyone was so friendly, and the job was exciting.”

Keeping an Open Mind

Reilly is incredibly open-minded and loves trying new things. She takes each assignment and new city as an opportunity to learn something new. Whether it’s surfing on a California beach, listening to new jazz musicians in New Orleans or glass blowing in Seattle, she truly embraces what every city has to offer.

Reilly loves Taco Tuesdays and is quite the foodie. She even has an Instagram account @gypsygourmand, which is entirely devoted to the new foods she tries in each city. Reilly also loves being outdoors. In her free time she enjoys hiking, snowboarding and exploring new places.

Why TaleMed?

Reilly loves traveling with TaleMed and can’t imagine working with another company.

“I don’t feel like I work for them. I feel like I’m a part of them. As a company, they’ve embraced who I am, and I trust them. Brad, my recruiter, is so easy to talk to. Every single assignment I’ve wanted he’s gotten for me. I’ve worked with TaleMed for 3½ years, and I would never work for another company.”

Try Something New

Reilly knows it can be a little scary to try something new, but with all her experience, she has some great advice.

“For those who are nervous to start travel nursing, DO IT! You can try one assignment, and if you feel like it’s not for you, that’s okay. But chances are, you’ll probably love it! If it doesn’t work out, at least you tried it. Plus, you don’t want to miss your opportunity,” she advised.

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