Making an Impression

Nurses: Make a Bold Impression

Tips for Making an Impression on Your Hospital Employer

Most people decide how they feel about you within a few minutes of making your acquaintance. This is why first impressions are so important. And during your Louisville travel nurse assignment, you’ll meet plenty of new people—imagine all the strong and lasting impressions you’ll have the opportunity to make! So, how can you put your best foot forward and imprint yourself on the minds and hearts of patients and hospital administration during your travel nurse staffing placement in Louisville, Kentucky?

If you’re wondering how to impress your travel nurse employer (as well as patients and co-workers), below are five key steps. From day one all the way through your Louisville nursing placement, try any of the following to make a great impression:

  1. Smile and stay upbeat. You must be ready to shake a lot of hands and make plenty of introductions as a travel nurse. Every 13 weeks, you’ll be traveling to a new location, working with a new nursing team and meeting a full caseload of new patients. If you’re outgoing and friendly, you’ll help people warm up to you quickly.
  2. Help out. Your new employer has brought you on because the facility needs support. So when you arrive at your new Louisville travel nurse assignment, be prepared to jump in and help out in any way you can. This means asking plenty of questions to determine how you can assist, possibly offering to pick up extra shifts or cover for full-timers, and anything else the facility may be in need of.
  3. Be flexible. Travel nurses need to “roll with the punches” as this career path involves continuously new and different nursing experiences. So to do well on your travel nurse assignment, you should stay open-minded and ready to work hard in a variety of situations. Your employer and new co-workers will appreciate your willingness to jump in and welcome challenges.
  4. Share your nursing knowledge. Travel nurses bounce around to many different positions. As a result, you’ll fill your resume with plenty of valuable experience you can impart to new facilities. So chime in and share what you know—it will make a big difference in the care you’re able to offer to your new patients.
  5. Don’t take things to heart. It can be hard being the new person all the time, but if people don’t accept you at first, don’t take it personally. Not everyone is good at getting to know others quickly. Just stay positive and friendly, and do your very best.

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