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Traveling as a Medical Technologist

Learning to Let Go of Expectations

Ruth H. always wanted to study science, but she also wanted to help people. By becoming a medical technologist, she combined both of her passions.

Med techs are allied health professionals who test and analyze blood, other body fluids and tissue samples. Ruth earned a BS in medical technology two years ago and found a job in downtown Philadelphia. However, she wanted to explore new places because she lived near Philadelphia all her life.

“I put my resume out there,” says Ruth. “A TaleMed recruiter actually contacted me out of the blue!” That recruiter was Jake Handlon, and Ruth liked his advice and helpful attitude.

There and Back Again

Ruth just started her journey as a travel medical technologist. She accepted her first TaleMed position this past spring at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago.

Outside work, there was always something to do. “Chicago is a beautiful city,” she says. “The architecture, the restaurants, it’s incredible.”

Now she’s back in Philadelphia at Chestnut Hill Hospital. “I’m back home for just a little bit,” she says with a laugh. She does, however, stay busy at work. On any given day, she performs a spectrophotometric testing, ran daily quality control and maintained instruments, or evaluated blood cell morphology to screen for malignancies and abnormalities.

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Going with the Flow

When Ruth started traveling, she had a certain set of expectations. What she’s learned in 2019 is you have to go with the flow. “I arrived in Chicago with an idea of what the job would be like, but that’s not how it was,” Ruth says. “I learned quickly that you have to be flexible.”

That flexibility extends beyond the workplace. “You can plan your schedule and take time off when you want,” she says. “You can also meet new people and explore new places.”

One of those new places is coming up. She’s looking at Connecticut or Vermont for her next assignment, even knowing how cold those locations are in winter. “I’ve never been there,” Ruth says. “But I really enjoy skiing.”

Start your next adventure!

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