Always Learning Something New as a Travel CST/CVOR Tech

Learning and Expanding Your Skills

Marcella W. was always interested in the body and bones. Or, as she puts it, “The blood and guts.”

While attending community college, she worked at a physical therapist’s office. During that time, she started to wonder about surgery. What happens in a patient’s healthcare experience before they get to recovery?

One day on campus she met an Army recruiter. “I thought to myself, ‘Why not?’” she remembers. “It was a way to fund my education and help people.” That was the start of her career as a Certified Surgical Technologist.

Home Away from Home

She worked for nine years as a Staff CST/CVOR Tech at the San Antonio Military Medical Center. She prepped surgical patients and the operating room, making sure everything was sterile and the appropriate instruments and supplies were available.

In 2015 she took that experience and applied it to traveling. She bounced around the country as a Travel CST/CVOR Tech for a few years before she met TaleMed recruiter Chris Dietrich. “Chris showed me that TaleMed let’s you have power and a say in your work,” she says.

Her first TaleMed assignment found her back in San Antonio, at the Methodist Texsan Hospital. “I chose this hospital because it’s a good fit,” says Marcella. “There’s only four operating rooms instead of the 24 or 48 there might be at a larger hospital.” This makes for a tight-knit working environment.

Outside work, Marcella has found herself in a familiar stomping ground. “It’s good to reacquaint yourself with the past,” she says. “It’s like my home away from home” The city has grown a lot since she last lived there. She lives near the River Walk, but just off it enough so that she can walk her dog and avoid the big crowds.


The Intersection of Medicine and Spirituality

Marcella decided to further her education in 2012. She’s attended the University of Chicago Divinity School and is one class away from earning a Master’s Degree of Theology. “While working on my degree, I’ve learned there’s a real intersection between spirituality and medicine,” says Marcella. That’s led to a holistic philosophy that embraces the relational, emotional and physical aspects of healing and well-being.

Marcella’s advice to interested and new travelers is to explore the medical-spiritual connection and always be open to learning. “Always be expanding yourself,” she says.

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