“Just Checking In…”

The world is filled with bustling, busy people – and travel nurses are no exception. That’s why technology is such a beautiful thing. That is, until you crash into a lamppost while text-walking. Then it’s an embarrassing, somewhat painful thing.

We can connect with family, friends and business associates anytime with a quick text, instant message or email. Or share special moments in our lives with a post on Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook. We can let our thoughts and opinions be known to hundreds with a simple tweet.

But as quick and convenient as modern technology is, many long for that more personal, seemingly archaic means of communication known as – the phone call. (Yes, we mean actually vibrating your vocal cords, emitting sound from your mouth and into the ear of someone else.) These days, taking the time to pick up the phone and call someone speaks volumes. It says “I care” as much as sending a Hallmark card with a handwritten note inside. Both convey a genuine interest in another’s well-being.

And that means a lot to those who choose to take their gift for providing compassionate care on the road, oftentimes far from family and friends.

Caring about the caregivers

While travel nursing is an exciting profession, moving to a new city and working in a new facility can be scary and intimidating – even for seasoned travelers. This is when having a good relationship with your recruiter is especially important.

After all the time you spend caring for others, it’s nice to know that you have someone out there who is truly caring for you, who has your back, and is advocating on your behalf. It’s comforting to get regular phone calls from a familiar voice, just wanting to check in to be sure you’re doing okay and in some cases simply listen to what’s on your mind.

Sure, modern technologies are efficient and useful tools for communicating in the traveling healthcare field and are definitely here to stay. But for a benevolent profession like nursing, give your thumbs a break from texting every once in a while. Nothing can match the value of true human to human connection.

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