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Meet the TaleMed Job Order Team

TaleMed’s Job Order Team ― Where It All Begins

TaleMed is a well-oiled machine with many important moving parts. One of the less obvious, but vital, moving parts is our job order team.

Wonder what a job order is? A job order is a job posting from one of our hospital clients, sometimes called a requisition. Behind the scenes, the job order team keeps the “job gears” rotating and helps smooth the way for healthcare professionals (HCPs) to view and apply for their next great assignment.

Making a Positive Impact

TaleMed hired Samantha Attinger as the first job order team member, and she looked forward to the career path it offered and the opportunity to be a part of something greater.

“I knew (Senior Client Services Director) Liz Maffey,” says Sam. “She told me TaleMed was launching a new team. It had great benefits, so I jumped at the chance!”

As a Data and Quality Assurance Coordinator, Samantha manages jobs that come into TaleMed from customers who use a cloud-based service to post their jobs. She combs through the data throughout the day to make sure everything is in TaleMed’s systems correctly.

While Sam works through the large lists of available jobs, fellow Data and Quality Assurance Coordinator Amy Ward coordinates the outbound sales team. She works with individual hospital managers who, along with the sales team, email her jobs throughout the day. “I’m always checking my inbox,” says Amy. “It’s always full ― which is wonderful news for our HCPs!”

“I started at TaleMed because I wanted a job with some flexibility, but one that would impact people in a positive way,” she says.

Open Lines of Communication

Amy and the rest of the team help ensure that HCPs and recruiters always know what positions are available, so that they have all their options and can find the best fit at the top healthcare facilities in the country.

Account Manager Jarrell Moses uses his attention to detail to ensure accuracy. He takes a lot of pride in his work. “I started off with data entry,” he says. “Now I do job entry and maintenance for four large systems.”

“We make sure the jobs are right,” Jarrell says. “Something can go really wrong down the line if we don’t. We know that what we do has an impact on the HCPs experience with us, and we want it to be the best experience possible.”

The Best Match for a Position

The quality of the job orders can be felt throughout the process. It’s where the job board on the website comes from, the details that recruiters share in the pay package and the extra details an HCP needs for onboarding when they start at a hospital. All of that data is curated by the team, and it helps everyone at TaleMed in their quest to find the best job for each HCP.

“The data entry team is where it all begins,” says Ken Tracy. “The information they provide ensures that a nurse or allied health professional is the best match for a position.”

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