Introducing Impacting Tomorrow

Impacting Tomorrow: A TaleMed Community Action Platform

TaleMed is proud to announce the launch of Impacting Tomorrow; a community action platform designed to be the vehicle in which we as a company will impact the world both locally and globally. Impacting Tomorrow will aid TaleMed in having a positive impact on others. It serves as a way for us to share our blessings with our peers, our community, and the world.

On Thursday, Oct. 5 our latest blog will be published along with a video project titled – Impacting Tomorrow: TaleMed’s Inaugural Mission to a Better World. In it we highlight a new and exciting direction for not only our company, but our people (because that is what it’s all about right, people). Stay tuned for more details and content to come – you won’t want to miss this.

About the Program: Impacting Tomorrow

Program Mission Statement: Striving to impact the world today to build a better tomorrow.

Our founders, Ken and Elizabeth Tracey, had a vision for TaleMed at its conception; that vision continues to be evident in the way our company operates today ten years on. Whether we are placing a healthcare professional on assignment or working to impact our community we strive to put our best foot forward. We value our nurses and health professionals who give their all to the profession they love. TaleMed also values those who dedicate time, energy, and resources, to create a tangible change in another person’s life.

TaleMed strives to ensure the success of our nurses, partner facilities, and the people we interact with each day. Since 2006, we’ve placed nurses on assignment across the United States who impact tens of thousands of people. We wanted to take impacting others to another level.

Since the founding of TaleMed there has been a sense of duty attached to our business practices. We’ve always encouraged our staff to genuinely focus on helping fellow coworkers. Impacting Tomorrow takes that commitment a step further by reaching out to assist families, children, and communities through a variety of service projects and financial support.

Please join us in Impacting Tomorrow!

Impacting Tomorrow