How Important is the Roll of an RN?


It’s probably fair to say that a hospital would cease to function without the presence of RN’s. Nurses are the backbone of any health facility. But in every facility, there are those nurses that go above and beyond in every aspect of the phrase. These women and men give their all to the patients and families they have been entrusted with. Hence The DAISY Award – created in 1999 in memory of J. Patrick Barnes who had received exceptional care from a nurse during his hospital stay. This award is designed to say “thank you” to nurses everywhere for the care they have provided to the people that have relied on them so heavily.

Fortunately, TaleMed has the honor of recognizing one of our own, Christina McClintock, for being nominated by her patients to receive The DAISY Award! Christina has been traveling with TaleMed since September 2016 and has become one of the most reliable and trustworthy RN’s in our network. This is a special honor seeing as Travel Nurses rarely receive this award due to their short time in a facility. However, it is clear that Christina has made an impact on her patients during her time at ABLM Hospital, and for that we thank her!

“Christina is an exceptional L&D RN! She is very personable, outgoing, dependable and punctual. Her patients and co-workers love her!  She always amazes me and does a wonderful job at Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital all while representing TaleMed well. It is a pleasure working with her!”

                                                                                                                                       -Kristen Bowles (Christina’s direct contact at TaleMed)

Without the dedication and hard work of nurses like Christina The DAISY Award would not exist. So today we say thank you to all the nurses who hit the floor with the mentality to deliver the best care possible to each and every patient they see. And congratulations to Christina McClintock for receiving such an honor from the patients she has served! We are all proud of you!


All the best – Your Team at TaleMed