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How the Journey as a Travel Nurse Began

TaleMed Helps Chase Your Dreams

Nicholas L.’s original dream was to go straight from nursing school to working in an operating room. Unfortunately, that was nearly impossible in San Diego. “There were veterans there who had been nursing 20 to 30 years,” Nick says. “So, I packed up my bags and moved to South Dakota.”

Although he found work in the Mount Rushmore State, he didn’t realize his dreams could be fulfilled in unexpected ways. “I worked with TaleMed staff at the hospital, and that’s how I was referred to Kyle.” He soon met his recruiter, Kyle Donovan, and he’s been traveling with TaleMed ever since.

Traveling HealthcareTraveling Healthcare

Gaining New Experiences

“I get calls from staffing companies every day,” Nick says. “But I would never think of leaving TaleMed. They take care of me and they’ve opened up so many possibilities for my life.”

Some of those possibilities include seeing the country. From hiking in Utah’s Zion National Park to partying in Reno, he’s gotten to experience all different kinds of cultures and foods.

His favorite assignment, so far, has been Abbott Northwestern. “I was close with the doctors,” he says of the Minneapolis hospital. “We would go up to one doctor’s cabin and have barbecues.” At Abbott Northwestern, he also gained professional experience learning about organ transplants. “It’s amazing putting a kidney into a body and seeing it come to life,” he says.

We’re There to Help

Nick is now working at Highland Hospital in Oakland, California. With a few years and miles under his belt, he has simple advice for up-and-coming travel nurses: Have an open mind.

That means going with the flow of how a hospital works and respecting the permanent staff. “We’re there to help out,” he says. “We’re not there to change anything.”

Looking ahead to new contracts, he hopes to work in San Diego again. “It’d be cool to go back to La Jolla to where it all started,” Nick says. “I’d love to work there now but with all I’ve learned about the operating room. That way, my dream can come full circle.”

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